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It has been some days again…and RL will do that to you as I am sure you all know so no excuses for me! I hate making excuses anyway, even if they are true.

The Dark

|the details|
hairbase > ILLMATIC :: Smoothed Baby Hairs – Noir
hair > Helenia by Calico
dress > Cosette Black Gown by Dead Dollz
necklace > lassitude & ennui Stacked pearls necklace white
ring > (Yummy) Modest Crown – Gold
nails > Tiny Footprints Exclusive Bows 2014 by LUNA Body Art
make up > London Liner by Madrid Solo (eyeliner and lips in black)
pose > Manifeste

I have been a fan of Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz for a long time and it is a special treat to be a part of her “Fashion Army.” I recently learned she has been the victim of infringement (you can read about it on her blog). She has created a new variation of her Cosette gown to thwart the one infringing on her intellectual property and is selling it for L$1, so scoot on over to her shop and get one!

I was recently selected to be a blogger for Madrid Solo and I was thrilled! I have loved Madrid’s designs for a long time (as well as her work as a photographer) and it is so exciting to get to blog for her. In the image above I am wearing one of her newest releases “London Liner.” As always they come eyes or lips only so you can mix it up! I love that!

On a very different note, I am wearing one of two exclusive Slink nail polishes created by Lua Vendetta of LUNA Body Art for the Tiny Footprints event. This is the charity event of the reigning Miss Color of Couture Vera Venutzini and is meant to raise awareness and donations to the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep organization.

The mission of  NILMDTS is to introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture. Since NILMDTS was founded, over 11,000 volunteers have been part of the network.  NILMDTS reaches every state in the United States and has been or is present in 40 countries worldwide.  NILMDTS trains, educates, and mobilizes professional quality photographers to provide beautiful heirloom portraits to families facing the untimely death of an infant.  We believe these images serve as an important step in the family’s healing process by honoring the child’s legacy.

Please be sure to pay this very worthy cause a visit, happy shopping,  and thank you for reading!
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


Hello Readers!

I am back with one of Izara’s new female skins from 7 Deadly S{k}ins and A LOT of goodness from On A Lark.

skin > 7 Deadly s{K}ins –  June Girls Group Gift
shape > 7Deadly s[K]ins Wrath
eyes > IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel
make up > Wrath M3 DEF by 7 Deadly S{k}ins
hair > Analog Dog – aeris – dark browns
hair base > ILLMATIC :: Smoothed Baby Hairs – Chocolate
necklace > *On A Lark* Cira Necklace (with color change HUD) *30L Gacha @ OAL*
dress & sleeves > *On A Lark* Abundance ~ Lilac *NEW*
OAL + 7DS f
shoes > *On A Lark* Bliss Sandal RARE (with color change HUD) *@ Tales of Fantasy*
decor > *OAL*/*SP* ~ Crystal Garden 5P (+ color change HUD) & *OAL*/*SP* ~ Hanging Crystals  Med (+ color change HUD) *joint collaboration between Sweet Poison and On A Lark for We ❤ RP*
pose > Manifeste

Lark has been at it again, active in so many events!  She is a MACHINE! There is more I am not showing here so allow me a gallery of her goodies available at either We ❤ RP (going on NOW)  or Tales of Fantasy (opening TONIGHT).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. I found it ironic that my SL mom would come out with a maternity design about the same time my SL sis announced she was pregnant in RL to the world, something she has been wanting a very long time. So Liat, this post is for you and the beauty and magic that is pregnancy.  I know you will make an amazing mother.

Much love,

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

~ Agatha Christi

Colour of Couture: DSquared2 Challenge

Hello Readers!

There was another Colour of Couture Runway Challenge today and this time our challenge was to style inspired by the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection of twin brother designers Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2.  We were asked to write a couple of paragraphs about our inspiration for the styling, so here is the look I came up with, my thoughts on it, and the credits.

hat > *LODE* Headwear – Aurora [violet]
hair > [LeLutka]-CANTO hair – Pitch (o)(o)
eyeliner > Eyeliner -2- *REDGRAVE*
lipstick > Madrid Solo- Mix & Match- Dot B Lips-Red
necklace > Pure Poison – Cleo Necklace – Azure
bangels > Izzie’s – Bangles silver purple
coat & top > ** DIRAM ** NYSSA Jacket&Corset – Green
shorts > Ingenue :: Hetty :: S :: Aubergine
purse > Bag Cassandra Blue-Silver NO Ani by Dave Freeman of Just Design
shoes > Ingenue :: Claire Heels (Slink Mesh Feet Add-On) :: Pool
pose > Manifeste

My Inspiration:
After doing my research on DSquared2, I found that their Spring/Summer 2014 collection was geared toward the pool side and inspired by the 1950s with bold, shapely dresses, and svelte swimsuits. Sexy “Bond Girl”-esque hair and large glamorous hats were a must as well, not to mention vibrant colors and prints, as well as animal prints, neutrals, and pastels.  I found that the DSquared2 SS 2014 collection really has much to offer the discerning fashionista.

As for me personally, I found there was a lot of fun to be had in exploring the trends housed in this collection.  I immediately gravitated toward the fifties inspiration and wanted to capture it in the high waisted shorts and modest heel.  I enjoyed the playfulness of pattern and color and went with some of the pastels which are a trend for the Spring/Summer 2014 season.  When it came to the hat, I wanted one in a similar shape as the collection, but one with it’s own flair to add to the fun of the entire look.

I always enjoy seeing what the other candidates bring to the table with their interpretations and I was not let down.  I think as a group we did a fine job of representing all the elements of the DSquared2 Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.  Well done ladies!

This was a last competition challenge before the finale and I can’t believe the journey is nearly done.  I will be sharing one additional surprise Colour of Couture photo challenge with you all as soon as I have clearance to do so, so mums the word! In the mean time however, I wanted to express just how much I have enjoyed this whole competition.  No matter the outcome we are all winners and I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say the entire experience has been an enjoyable one.

Thank you for reading!
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss

Education in Second Life

Hello Readers!

I have been wanting to write this post for some time. I came to Second Life in 2007 as an educator being taught about a new way to use technology to enhance education.  At the time businesses and educational organizations and institutions were being brought into SL at a rapid pace.  I remember the experience as if it were yesterday.  July 2007 was when I first heard of SL.  I was one who quirked a brow, tipped my head, and wrote it off as not something for me.  Fall 2007, I had a bit of downtime and was looking through my conference notes, visiting sites I had been told about back in July and came across the SL information again.  I paused, quirked a brow, tipped my head and this time figured, why not?  So my original avatar was born and I haven’t logged out for any significant amount of time since.

I think I can pinpoint the length of time it took me to realize that SL didn’t have any real value to me as an educator of elementary children based on when my “alts” were born. I had created an avatar for my husband, and then Silly because I thought I had made a mistake in avatar creation the first two times (I hadn’t, but now I had a spare avatar, yay me!).  Then after these three avatars I created others for role play once I learned what role play was (thanks to SL).  So based on the rez dates of these other avatars I figure it was only after about 7 months.  I was disappointed to see the initial excitement of SL die in my colleagues, but I wasn’t about to dwell on it.  I recognized the creative potential of SL and immersed myself in it.  During my 7 months on the educational side of SL I presented to other educators on Web 2.0 tools and participated in networking, as well as attending talks on a variety of educational subjects.  Eventually all that dwindled to hardly anything at all and I was left to my own devices, so off I went to explore the other facets of SL.

So why do I bring this up now?  I am working on a second Masters in Educational Technology.  This is a degree I have wanted for many years and this year the opportunity to achieve it finally arrived and I had to act.  In my class last week our project was “The Future Classroom” and what technologies we foresaw being of use.  Virtual environments had been a subject of discussion, so naturally my mind went back to my original avatar and initial experiences with SL.  I know many educational organizations gave up on SL for a variety of reasons, one of the biggest being changes in pricing for sims for educational use.

For my graduate project I dusted off my original avi, gave her a much needed make over, and began exploring the present educational landscape of the grid.  I was saddened to find so many dead groups and sims that no longer existed.  Discovery Education is the organization who introduced me to SL and now has no obvious presence on the grid.  For a time I thought ISTE was gone as well (International Society for Technology in Education) but as I worked on my project I found it in fact still remains, which I found very exciting and encouraging.  I read many an educator profile and joined all sorts of educational groups in the hopes that there are still active educators out there.  I was pleased to find over the days since resurrecting my original avi, that I have gotten many notices from several different educational groups.  The majority of them have to do with building/creating content in SL, but ISTE sends their notices as well about educational discussions or excursions in SL.  One of these days I will join them.  The summer is coming up and I will have a lot more time soon.  I plan on carving out some of that to explore what brought me to SL in the first place…education.

I follow the The Drax Files by Draxtor Despres on YouTube as well as The Drax Files Radio Hour with Jo Yardley, both are my favorites when keeping abreast of the latest news in SL.  I think Drax does a lovely job of capturing the allure of SL in a very positive way for a great deal of people, not only educators.  It was through him that I learned of the new CEO of Linden Labs Ebbe Altberg’s desire to reconnect with educators, which I found very promising as well as intriguing.

So here I am donning my explorer hat again as I revive my educational avatar and observe SL from an educator’s standpoint with nearly 7 years of SL experiences behind me.  I still believe there isn’t much an elementary educator can do with SL, but that SL does have something to offer those who educate students in high school and beyond.

Ms. FourouxThe original me: Ms. Fouroux.  Of course I had to infuse a bit of fashion into this post so here it is!

skin & shape > Erin by League
hair > TRUTH HAIR Gretchen
eyes > IKON Eternal Eyes – Hazel
jewelry > Cae :: Entangled :: Ensemble
dress > Baiastice_Ory Combination-shirt & floral skirt-butter (Current round of FaMESHed)
pose > Manifeste

ClassroomBoth photos in this post were done by my dear friend Gethsemane Idler and used in my project for class.  I adore his work and had to share them with you as well!

If there are any other educators out there who might like to chat sometime, drop me a line!  I will say for the record I am in no way leaving the world of SL fashion, I enjoy it and the people there WAY too much.  The point of this rather wordy post was to share a bit of my RL passion and interest with you.

Oh and one more thing…I just read my professor’s marks on my Second Life presentation for class…he loved it and gave me full marks.

Thank you for reading!
“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Opium’s Gatsby

Hello Readers!

One of the events that has kept me rather busy of late is Opium Evolution’s Gatsby. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing production.  I greatly enjoyed Opium’s Halloween production and I knew I just had to be a part of this agency.  Ana invited me to join Opium soon there after and I couldn’t be happier! Her shows really are like nothing else, and I affectionately call them Fashion Theater.  I do rather miss SL theater as I used to be involved with The Jewell Theater in SL, and I know that desire to perform on stage fuels my desire to be on the runway…but as usual I digress.  Opium’s latest production is “Gatsby” and it includes 18 amazing designers and Gatsby-inspired exclusives.

Opium's Gatsby

The first part of the show is a Donna Flora tribute and I am honored to be a part.  I was too new to the SL modeling scene when Squinternet passed, but I know she touched so many deeply and is sorely missed.  I am very glad to be a part of the tribute to such a well loved and missed designer.

gatsby 1

outfit > Bunny (hat+hair, coat, bloomers, garter, stockings) by Donna Flora
jewelry > Ice Cream by Donna Flora
shoes > Rosea by Donna Flora
pose > Manifeste
location > Opium’s Gatsby

gatsby 2

My second outfit is a dress by Prism.  I love the loose feel of it and the way it gives the feeling of silky fabric flowing over my body.  I adore the high/low hemline and the back…RAWR!  I just had to accent it with a backlace by Maxi Gossamer.

gatsby 2r

hair > -LaViere- Elizabeth/DarkChocolate + -LaViere- Elizabeth Hair Piece
necklace > Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Tiffany Back Necklace – ALL – SILVER
dress > Prism Babe by Journey McLaglen – Daisy
bracelets > Eclectica Pearl Mixables- Classic Twist (white)
ring > Flower Ring – Pink Pearls – Gold –  by Maxi Gossamer
cigarette > The Sea Hole – Parisian Cigarette & Holder (Clove Cig) – Coal
stockings > Blushed – More Sheer Seamed White Pantyhose (with Slink appliers)
shoes > Ingenue :: Pickford Heels :: Jadite
poses > Everglow & Manifeste
location > Opium’s Gatsby

gatsby 3

So I was a bit jealous to see that Dead Dollz was a featured designer and I didn’t get the lovely work of Kiddo to style with for the show.  That feeling didn’t last long however as all the designs are available in the boardwalk across from the Gatsby mansion where the show takes place.  Before I could go shopping however, Kiddo delivered the exclusives to her blogger group and I was so excited!

hair > [LeLutka]-JOSEPHINE Hair – Harvard
necklace > Lazuri Diamond Graduated Tennis Necklace
bracelets > Lazuri Diamond Tennis Bracelets
rings > Lazuri Diamond Rings
dress > Vita by Dead Dollz
pose > Manifeste
location > Opium’s Gatsby

gatsby 5

hair > Bliensen + MaiTai – La folie du jour – with veil – Mocca
earrings > Black Ice Earrings by Chop Zuey
ring > Flower Ring – Pink Pearls – Gold by Maxi Gossamer
bracelet > =Zenith=Black Leather White Pearl Stone Bracelet – Sliver
necklace > (Yummy) Satin Bow & Pearls – Black
dress > Little Sister by Dead Dollz
stockings > Izzie’s – Tights rose
shoes > Ingenue :: Gatsby Heels :: Noir
pose > Manifeste
location > Opium’s Gatsby

gatsby 4

choker > Le Bolshevik Pk Choker by Chop Zuey
bracelets > Lazuri Diamond Tennis Bracelet
dress > Rapture by Dead Dollz
hair > tram C407 hair / brown (size40)
pose > Manifeste
location > Opium’s Gatsby

All of the outfits in this show are amazing and you must not only come see the LAST showing of this production, but stop by the boardwalk to pick up the exclusives! The last show will be Sunday, March 30th at 12pm slt. Here is your ride!

Thank you for reading!
“Go on, she urged. Lie to me by the moonlight. Do a fabulous story.”
 ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby Girls

Style Icon Fashion Fair

Hello Readers!

The Style Icon Fashion Fair is in its final days and it isn’t too late to get over there and grab some wonderful new items from the wide array of designers.

Style Icon_ 022414a

Barbara Streisand is most certainly a style icon.  When I opened up this dress from Loordes of London I had a hard time deciding what color I would wear!  I loved the sexy sleekness of it and I felt it was truly Streisand!

Style Icon Fashion Fair Items:

skin > Deesses Skins: Meredith – brown eyebrows – ice frappe

purse > Loordes of London-The Defiance-#16

dress > Loordes of London-The Streisand Effect-#8

Other Items:

hair > [LeLutka]-SCARLET hair – Bournville

makeup > {MUA} – MakeUp Set – Autumn – Full Set

shoes > fri. – Maggie.Heels (Nude)

poses > Manifeste

Style Icon_ 022414_close

One of my most favorite skin designers is Natalie Wells of Deesses and she does not disappoint with her offerings to the Style Icon Fashion Fair.

Style Icon_ 022414_purse

I just loved how this sexy clutch from Loordes of London fit on my Slink hand and the detail of it…I was so pleased my camera could catch it.

Style Icon_ 022414b

The Style Icon Fashion Fair ends February 28th so don’t delay in getting over there!

Thank you for reading!


“I believe in love and lust and sex and romance. I don’t want everything to add up to some perfect equation. I want mess and chaos. I want someone to go crazy out of his mind for me. I want to feel passion and heat and sweat and madness. I want valentines and cupids and all of that crap. I WANT IT ALL”
~ Barbra Streisand



Hello Readers!

For a while now I have been thinking on how I want my blog to be.  I am very grateful to the sponsors I have and I have been pondering retiring from “sponsored” blogging.  This has nothing at all to do with Sasy Scarbough’s recent blog post about different classifications of bloggers, but rather something that has been on my mind for a while and my sis Liat could attest to that!

I am a relative newcomer to the SL modeling scene.  While my avatar is just over 6 years old, I only began my journey last summer.  I have enjoyed the ride thus far and have learned a great deal of things from a great deal of amazing people.

Blogging was always something I wanted to do in my real life, but never quite found the reason to do so.  Once again SL made something possible for me that I had not been able to do in RL. It gave me a reason  to blog and I joined the ranks of countless SL fashion bloggers.

I could easily name many well known SL models that I look up to, but that really isn’t my point here.  I am working to evolve my blog…make it a blend of fashion and who I am…the person behind the avatar.  I have followed a great deal of blogs, I have my favorites and my Bloglovin overwhelms me with the large numbers of posts both inspiring and not so inspiring.  I learn from them all.  I am confident in saying that the blogger I admire most is Caoimhe Lionheart. I love the way she blends fashion and feelings.  Her posts inform and amuse almost always leave me smiling and nodding.  I can only hope to work toward being the sort of blogger she is.

So why consider retiring from “sponsored” blogging?  Honestly it is the pressure.  I did not sign on with designers/events that I don’t enjoy.  With my very full RL and very full SL I worry that I disappoint the designers/events with my inability to blog as quickly or as often as they might like.  Retiring from sponsored blogging would eliminate this stress.  I did not begin blogging for the hand outs.  Nariko and Liat can certainly confirm that I have no issue buying things!

For now I remain undecided, and do my very best, as my very wise modeling instructor told me and I always repeat to myself…All you can do is your very best.

DeadDollz February Gift

gown > Dead Dollz February VIP Group Gift

headdress > [Keystone] Zahidah’s Crown {Silver}

jewelry > Donna Flora Princess (black)

shoes > fri. – Maggie.Heels (Nude)

pose > Manifeste

Thank you for reading!


“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
 ~ Mother Teresa