Legal Insanity

I was thrilled to be accepted as a blogger for Legal Insanity.  They will always have a special place in my SL because they were a huge part of a highlight of my SL experience, my AVENUE Models Academy graduation! 😀  So here goes my first blogging of a couple of their new releases, the Ascot Flat Cap and the Shelley Opened Sweater.

HAT > Legal Insanity - ascot flat cap Funky HAIR > [LeLutka]-SCARLET hair - Bournville EYESHADOW > Essences - Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow 06 LIPSTICK > [mock] Lilac Prom Night  Lip Balm  (2)  NECKLACE > MG - Necklace - Little Tiny Dagger - Long - SILVER SWEATER > Legal Insanity - shelley opened sweater black/pink  BODYSUIT > [[LD]] Major: Pantone Bodysuit Rhapsody  SKIRT > Legal Insanity - minnie jeans skirt - black  RING r > Shakeup! Fabric-Flower Ring [Glitter] (June Arcade) RING l > RO - Duality Black NAILS > Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French 3color change SHOES > [Gos] Storm Sandal in Black Leather
HAT > Legal Insanity – ascot flat cap Funky *
HAIR > [LeLutka]-SCARLET hair – Bournville
EYESHADOW > Essences – Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow 06
LIPSTICK > [mock] Lilac Prom Night Lip Balm (2)
NECKLACE > MG – Necklace – Little Tiny Dagger – Long – SILVER
SWEATER > Legal Insanity – shelley opened sweater black/pink *
BODYSUIT > [[LD]] Major: Pantone Bodysuit Rhapsody
SKIRT > Legal Insanity – minnie jeans skirt – black
RING r > Shakeup! Fabric-Flower Ring [Glitter] (June Arcade)
RING l > RO – Duality Black
NAILS > Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French 3color change
SHOES > [Gos] Storm Sandal in Black Leather
* = review item
Legal Insanity_006
I really enjoyed the sense of movement the sweater has.
Legal Insanity_005
Love the cascading fabric effect on the sweater and the cap has a hud where you have a few funky and fun texture options.

Legal Insanity


Bandana Fair (aka Hair Fair 2013)

Hair Fair 2013 is one of those MUST DO fashion events, and I had fully planned on attending.  I am only just getting started as an fashion blogger, so there were no advanced copies of any hair for me.  I don’t particularly enjoy fighting lag to shop, so I am one of those people who waits for the mad rush to die down so my avatar won’t be trampled by the stampede of fashionistas who must be the first to have the newest item.  I have seen a few posts from other bloggers about Hair Fair, and in particular about the bandanas made by them and sold for the benefit of Wigs for Kids.

It was the witty and creative post by Harper Beresford (click here for her post) that stopped me dead in my virtual tracks and got me to go to Hair Fair that very moment. I only crashed three times while I was there! 😉  But seriously, there is much to see there and many great hair designs.  I hunted first for the bandana room and once I found it I was impressed with the variety and creativity of those who created them. I spent the bulk of my time in that one room which is why the Hair Fair quickly became the Bandana Fair for me.  I didn’t buy them all, but I bought the ones that jumped out at me and thought I would spotlight them here.

Of course I sought out Harper’s first and was thrilled to find it.  I love the bright texture used in making it as well as the flower accent.

roseanne rosanna bandana_001
Roseanne Rosanna Bandana by Harper Beresford

Next I HAD to have all the cute lil animal bandanas by . a i s l i n g .  I spent so much time deliberating on which one I wanted that I just bought them all. It is for a good cause so why not??

aisling hyena bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Hyena/
aisling wolf bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Wolf/
aisling fox bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Fox/
aisling unicorn bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Unicorn/

There was another cute animal bandana that I had to have. This one was by .blush.

.blush.! Buttons the Cat bandana_001
.blush.! Buttons The Cat Bandana by Athena Loring

Then there were the rather elegant ones.

ohmai bandana_001
!Ohmai: Hair Fair 2013 Bandana by Anya Ohmai
zaara bandana (black)_001
Bandana Day 2013 {Zaara} jeweled *black*
zaara bandana (white)_001
Bandana Day 2013 {Zaara} jeweled *white*

And finally there were some that I picked up because I really enjoyed the texture on them.

SLupergirls Bandana #2_001
SLuper Girls Bandana #2

W Winx Ginko Rum Pink Bandana_001
W. Winx – Gingko Rum Pink Bandana [Hair Fair 2013]
So in the end Hair Fair was Bandana Fair for me.  I did make my rounds and pick up many hair demos.  I plan on going back to pick a few of those new hairs up. As for my new collection of bandanas, I figure some may come in handy for costuming, and others as an accessory to aid me in my styling.  Either way I am happy to own some quality new additions to my accessory collection that go to support a great cause.

THE Silly Interview by Liat Reina

[The following is an article my dear friend Liat Reina wrote as a sample of her writing for her AVENUE application.  She chose me as her subject and I loved her work so much I had to publish it (with her permission of course).  Enjoy! – Silly ]

Writer, model, Meeroo mama; the list of accomplishments for Prisilla (silly.avro) goes on and on and there can be no doubt that she is as skilled as she is passionate in each.  A veteran of more than five years in Second Life®, she has taken advantage of many of the vast and varied interests the grid offers like many others.  That, however, is where her conformity ends.  Upon first meeting with the up and coming caramel skinned model, it becomes instantly apparent that she has her own vision.

While the majority of models which grace the signs in our stores and fill the pages of magazines have crafted beautiful looks, few have attempted to tackle the ethnic appearance of a proud Latina woman.  Prisilla on the other hand, has embraced her heritage and worked for hours to represent it proudly.  When asked who her fashion inspirations are she had the following to share, “I am Puerto Rican and I find that Tyra (Banks) and Jennifer (Lopez) appeal to me as a woman of color, not only in their unique styles, but in their well grounded attitudes about themselves, and their desire to help others.”

With the approach of the first anniversary of her hiring date as a writer for AVENUE magazine, she reflects upon her favorite aspects of working for AVENUE. “I would be remiss to not mention Xandrah Sciavo when I think about all the good things that AVENUE is.  She was the one who contacted me about an interview when I thought my application had long been discarded.  She and I hit it off from the moment the interview began and I found her to be quite representative of all the people I have met at AVENUE.

AVENUE is made up of real life people who love fashion and take what they do seriously, but do not take themselves too seriously.  Xandrah and Rusch took a chance on me…a quirky lil avatar that dressed as her name implied and who loved to write.  They welcomed me into their family and made me feel at home.”

Her enthusiasm for both her work and her employer are not only clearly evident in her conversations, but also infectious.  Miss Avro is not one to settle however, and after much encouragement from friends and peers she has begun classes with AVENUE Modeling Academy.  In taking a moment to consider what first drew her to fashion she shared so much. “I have always had a real life interest in fashion, but always felt it beyond my reach.  When I was 14 years old I was noticed by a model scout…  Sadly as my mother had warned me, it was far too costly for my family to afford, so the opportunity was not realized.  The memory of that excitement and ultimately of the disappointment has stayed with me to this day. Once I arrived in Second Life® I soon learned anything is possible here, that we are limited only by our imaginations.”

She goes on to discuss feeling that once again, this interest was unrealistic for her to pursue.  Between the cost of lessons and wardrobe as well as the skills with the viewer, she felt discouraged to try for her dream.  While she explored many other fulfilling past times, she later realized that her passion for fashion had not faded.  “I came to be a writer for AVENUE Magazine and hoped that I might be able to get my fashion fix from just that.  Well the fix turned into more of a strong desire to try my hand at modeling again…

It was Xandrah who encouraged me on several occasions to apply for AVENUE’s modeling academy…and to be honest I am not sure why.  She and I have had many conversations and I am sure I must have expressed my interest in modeling, and she never let that go.  She would encourage me when I least expected it, from praising my writing to encouraging a modeling career.  She has been a blessing and an inspiration and without her encouragement I would not be as far along in my modeling journey as I am today.

I feel fashion is one of many creative outlets available to all of us.  I may not be a skilled artist in terms of drawing or painting, but I can express myself in the written word, as well as how I choose to style myself. “

There can be no doubt that she has a natural talent for her new pursuit.  Her first assignment, to create a personal fashion statement, gave birth to what she calls “Barrio Chic”.  This look perpetuates her desire to express her own unique vision in a world that can be predominantly black and white.  It was met with rave reviews from peers and instructors alike.

What is “Barrio Chic” you might ask?  A look that is certain to appear in many prominent fashion periodicals in the near future.  Until that time however, Prisilla describes her signature look in her own words.
“I came to modeling wanting to represent.  It is so easy to be Caucasian here, I wanted to be sure to present myself as the Latina I am.  Creating that look in SL is a challenge, but I feel I have achieved it.  Barrio Chic, is my version of “Ghetto Fabulous.”  Barrio Chic has sabor…a Latin flavor…it is bold and bright, edgy and fun, daring and colorful…and always Latina.”

Her dedication to styling the perfect combination of a designer’s work with her own accents so that every outfit reflects her own style leaves little doubt that she has a promising future ahead of her.  In closing she took some time to expound on what her long term goals are for her modeling career.
“I want to work.  I want to live the dream.  I want to go to castings and get as much of the experience of modeling as I can.  I want to grow and improve, I want to experience all that Second Life® modeling has to offer.  I want to be successful in print and on the runway.  This is a whole new adventure for me in my Second Life® and I am excited to begin the journey and look forward to where it will take me.”

While only time will tell what will develop for this promising new presence in the couture crowd, one thing is certain.  She will make her own unique mark on the world of Second Life® and virtual fashion.  Her journey has had a powerful beginning and it will be both inspiring and exciting to watch her progress toward becoming a well known name in the industry.  In true “Barrio Chic” fashion, Prisilla (silly.avro) sums it up best.  “Vamanos!!”

Striking a Pose

I have finally done it…I have officially applied for AVENUE’s Modeling Academy.  I have to laugh at my excitement about this.  Isn’t it every girl avatar’s dream to one day grow into a lovely Second Life model?? 😉

Seriously though, I enjoy experiencing all SL has to offer.  Modeling is one of those things I was always an outsider to, until now.  This time I happened to luck out and end up writing for AVENUE.  Thanks to the friendliness of the staff and especially that of Editor In Chief Xandrah Sciavo, I had the courage to apply.

So here is me getting my model on…having fun striking poses in Zenshi, home to AVENUE HQ as well as impressive homes and fabulous shopping. Most of what I am wearing was acquired from The Dressing Room and Fifty Linden Fridays. 🙂

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My blog has been dominated by Silliness of late!  Well I am having a lot of fun on Silly and enjoying my AVENUE assignments.  For the October issue I have been assigned a new Gorean sim…Port Kar.  I am sure that was intentional, knowing the gal in charge of assignments knows my RP background.  So I look forward to exploring a sim that is part of my “home.” in SL.  But that is another post…


I have been raising, breeding, and selling them since they started.  I would call myself a rather middle of the road breeder.  I got caught up in some of the early buying frenzy and spent my share of Lindens on trying to get ahead, but not to the extent that some did.  I never went completely into the deep end, though I came close.  I don’t buy many Roos nowadays, just a few here and there when my own don’t produce the desired combinations over a period of time.  I still have a large amount of “live” Roos, and I gave up all my market space to utilize a space on my homestead sim for nest sales.  I breed what I like, and sell what I don’t want or need.  For me, Meeroos are a hobby, something I enjoy.  I recently made my own double long…from my own breeding and a lil help from a purchased Roo.  Next triple longs!

I am intrigued by the Nocturnals and am proud to say I only bought one starter set.  Unfortunately I got all girls, but that was no big deal.  I knew I would be forging ahead in hybrids, so they suited me just fine.  I have them set up with a fair amount of traited Bluestone off spring (non-Bluestones).  Once I see what they do, I will decide if those parings stay the same or not.  I anticipate going through a lot of my nests, as I have so many varying ones, giving my nocs a new date every 5 days unless they produce something FAB with their current partner.  I may have to sell off the young lives I would coax, but I am on the fence about that as lives weren’t selling very well for me in the end and I have long since stopped selling live roos.  I was glad to make one trade on my Nocs with a friend I have traded with before.  I traded away one of my girls for a boy so I would have at least one pure Noc pair.  On the whole I look forward to what they all will make.

Silly on Assignment: Mischief Managed

OMG….I  LOVE Harry Potter!  So when I was assigned the Mischief Managed sim for September’s issue I was all over it!  Naturally when they asked me if I wanted to join in the role play I say “YES!”  Here are some photos from their 1st big RP day…arriving at Hogwarts for the new school year and being sorted!  I am thrilled I arrived in time to be able to partake in this wonderful RP event.  I look forward to using the experience of it as well as future RP experiences there to write my article!  Here are some photos to enjoy from my day on this well made and well populated sim!

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Silly is Published!

The day has finally come…Silly Avro…the account I had created as a junk account (She very nearly was Whatever Avro…lol) is now a published writer!  This avi of mine has done much.  As I said she had been made because I thought I had missed some kind of freebie in the avatar creation process.  I made her on a whim just to see if I had messed things up when I set up my original avatar.  Silly was never really essential, but I rather enjoyed her when I wished to be “alone.”  I could come and go into SecondLife w/o clingy “friends” inquiring about my every move.  Silly was the avatar I used to explore the subcultures of SL.  I remember the day quite clearly when I was on my original account, bored with terraforming and decorating a home few came to visit.  I remembered a class I had in college…it was cultural anthropology…and I decided then as I stared at my boring SL that I would become a cultural anthropologist in SL.  The subcultures in SL are numerous, so I knew I could be busy a while with that.  I started with the Furry community, then ended up briefly on an Anime sim, then a Drow sim, then Gor… *smiles*  Gor is where I found my home, but it was not meant to be for Silly.  My new main continues to live in Gor, and for a time in the peak of the Meeroo Craze, Silly was brought from the avatar storage closet to be used as a bot.  In time she was no longer needed for that, but in just seeing her from time to time, spamming away, I realized I missed having that escape.  The ability to escape my ever growing friends list and explore SL outside of role play.  I have been very pleased to be a part of the Avenue team.  They have given me just what I craved…assignments that pull me from my rp and into the other corners of SL.  I have met some very nice people I would not otherwise know and seen things I had no idea existed.

And now I present my articles….Enjoy! 🙂

Interesting Sims: Neva River

Sports & Recreation:  Roller Derby – Be Your Own Hero!