Paris and Judas

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I am on a blogging roll!  Now I am sharing with you the latest from 7 Deadly S{k}ins, Baoba, and Dead Dollz.

(click photos to enlarge)

7ds 122813_001_frontIzara Zuta of 7 Deadly S{k}ins is on a roll herself with all the lovely skin she is producing.  Silvia is wearing:

skin > 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Paris

eyes > IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Celtic Green

lashes > *MC* “Falsies” by MonCherie

hair > BUFFY by Herve Faenzo, Browns (Chocolate) [former Collabor88 item]

hat > “Delicaty Red ” by BaObA (Available at this round of The Couturier’s Docks.  I have been a long time fan of the couture head wear by Baoba and this one does not disappoint.)

necklace >:[P]:- Krysis Chain:// Marah-Gold by The Plastik

dress > Rowena by Dead Dollz (This one is not a super new release, but it is recent and I LOVE the detail in this dress.  I HAD to blog it!)

gloves > [Belgravia] Jessamine Gloves – Nero Leather

7ds 122813_002_reverse

Then we have the handsome Judas…

7ds judas 2_001eSilvester is wearing:

skin > 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Judas Body 1 Tone3

eyes > IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Celtic Green

hair > Amacci Hair Seth ~ Dark Brown

necklace > .:EMO-tions:. * ULTRA * necklace (group gift)

earrings > Darkness Falls Mens Earrings (Chop Zuey Group Gift)

outfit > GizzA – December Group Gift [Male]

7ds judas 2_002e

All photos were taken on location at The Rose Theater and all poses used were Posesion.

Thank you for reading and do be sure to check my SLurls page for your shopping needs!


“Every great man nowadays has his disciples, and it is usually Judas who writes the biography.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Artist

Happy Halloween

Hello Readers!

By the time many of you read this you would have already had your Halloween festivities…for those of you who partake.  I had not planned on a Halloween post as I am not hugely into Halloween myself.  I have to admit that Halloween in SL was a blast though, the most fun I have had on a Halloween in a long time.  I think I prefer the ease of dressing up my avatar over having to do it for real!

But I digress.  The inspiration for this Halloween themed post was a wonderful VIP gift from Dead Dollz.  They are my newest favorite designer.  I fell in love with one of their gowns from AVENUE’s Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Week and you will get to see just which one once Pam Astonia has finished my recent photos (no rush Pam! xo).  So after I styled for that shoot I joined the Dead Dollz VIP group and got this lovely Halloween gown from Kiddo Oh.  I was intrigued when it turns out she puts out challenges to her VIPs to use her gown in photos that tell a story of some kind.  Here is the text of her most recent challenge:

“Amata Immortale is a beautiful white gown made with soft silky feathers… but, apparently, something terrible has happened to it… and to the woman who was wearing it….
What’s the story behind this gown??
Who knows it?.. Maybe you… Take a pic to tell the story of the unfortunate Amata Immortale. You can add your pics to the “Show Your Dead Dollz Style” Flickr group or send me a full perms copy of the pic (1024×1024) inworld for a chance to win 2000L$ in store credit and 2000L$ in cash.
I can’t wait to see what your little twisted minds can come up with, but remember, you have to tell a story.

Best shoots will be displayed in a slideshow at the entrance of the store.
Entries deadline November, 5th.”

(click photo to enlarge)

immortale_015e2My Story:

It was supposed to be her night.  She had played it all out in her mind, confident it would be the outcome.  She would be crowned the Beauty of the Ball, but when that didn’t happen, they all paid the price.

~ Amata Immortale ~

S T Y L E     C A R D

gown > Amata Immortale Gown by Dead Dollz

gloves > [Belgravia] Jessamine Gloves – Ruby Leather

hair > TRUTH HAIR Faye

mascara > – DAMNED – Mascara Tears / Mixed

lips > smudgenoeyes by Ellie Criss

gun > [Warhead Industries] Beretta 92 [V2.0]

pose > Crystal 7 by Posesion

location > Calas Halloween Pavilion 2013


“Fear not death for the sooner we die, the longer we shall be immortal.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Prisilla Von Teese?

Hello Readers!

I am having so much fun taking better snapshots and getting comfy with GIMP that I have to continue to share some looks with you.  Presently I am a part of the Miss Vero Modero contest.  My recent new photos by Magissa Denver kicked off the process as the 1st round of the contest was a photo in a bathing suit or lingerie to demonstrate our photogenicness (now that may not actually be a word, but I like it so its a keeper).  I am happy to report I made the first cut (in the top ten no less!) and entered into the second round, a runway challenge.  I LOVE the runway and wish I could get on more of them (hint hint), but I am working it, attempting to pay my modeling dues by throwing my hat into the modeling ring as much as my self esteem (and RL work schedule) can handle.  So the 2nd round of the Vero Modero contest was styling two looks: “Androgen” and “Dita Von Teese.”  I enjoyed styling both, but apparently Bouquet Babii (the owner and designer behind Vero Modero) was picking her favorite mix and match stylings to bundle and feature in her store.  I was thrilled to learn she chose my Dita Von Teese styling as one she would like to feature!  So I have to share it with you of course!

(click photos to enlarge)

dita_004eI of course have to include the reverse angle… *chuckles*

dita_008eStyling Card

hat > VERO MODERO / Sirk Hat

hair > (Chemistry) Hair – Vines – B&Ws – Raven

makeup > {MUA} – MakeUp Set – 50’s – Full Set

necklace > Chop Zuey – Carmen’s Escape Necklace Wht

corset > [VM] VERO MODERO / Ava Corset

top > [VM] VERO MODERO / Ava Jartelle Top

garter > [VM] VERO MODERO / Ava Garter

gloves > [Belgravia] Jessamine Gloves – Ruby Leather

booties > Kinky Designs Ankle Boots by Candy Dollinger

Please see my SLurls page for your shopping needs.  Thank you for reading! Onto styling round 3!


“I like the idea of being whoever I want to be.”
― Dita Von Teese

Recent Releases from On A Lark

I have a couple of sexy romantic outfits from On A Lark to share with you today. The first is called “Blayze” and as always it has a variety of ways it could be worn.  I opted for the least clothing possible… *grins*  I have also included Lark’s vendor image as well so you can see the outfit in its entirety.

(click on images to enlarge)

OAL 82813_007

On A Lark

Blayze in Blossom (vest, necklace and skirt)

Armband > Amadi outfit by On A Lark

Location > Hibari

OAL 82813_010

Hair > Eaters Coma – HAIR 22 / Dark Mocha

Lipstick > [mock] Hypershine Lipcolor [lip 2]Old Rose

Bracelet > {Zaara} Vyomini chained bracelet *onyx-silver*

Ring > FINESMITH– Here comes the sun – Ring Onyx

Poses > Slouch Sets 026 & 027 from The 24

_OAL_ Blayze ~ BlossomBlayze is also available in black, coal, harvest, steel, eggplant, fern, and berry.

Next up I have Lark’s most recent release, “Bellita.” I love the sexy elegance of this dress! It too comes in nice assortment of colors: coal, grey, black, snow, steel, berry, and fern.

OAL 82913_010*OAL* Bellita  Dress  ~ Eggplant

OAL 82913_007

Forehead Jewelry > *OAL* Bellita Dangle

Lipstick > [mock] L’eau Castro Lip 2 Gloss

Hair > Boudoir “Sweet Iris”

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets > Mandala Pearl Rain

Slink Nail Appliers > {MUA} Glitter Colors

Poses > Slouch Sets 026 & 027 from The 24

OAL 82913 take 2_005Shoes > Belgravia – Paradise Sandals – Nero

_OAL_ Bellita ~ Harvest

You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.

~Jennifer Lopez


Today I finally achieved what I have been calling the “magical three.”  Since beginning my fashion blogging journey, I have been honored to have Marshmallows, {MUA}, Legal Insanity, On A Lark, and Charltina’s accept me into their blogging families without requiring syndication.  I am grateful to each one of them for sharing their designs with me and helping me grow as a blogger.  I have enjoyed styling their items tremendously and will continue to do so.

I have found that most designers require that a blog is syndicated on at least 3 feeds to even be considered.  I completely understand why that is a requirement for many designers.  If they are going to be giving you items to promote, you have to have an audience, if there is no audience, why give items away for free?

Once I began to learn the ins and outs of fashion blogging I made it a goal to achieve the “magical three” and hoped my blog was good enough to be accepted into well known SL fashion feeds.  I wanted to do right by the designers who believed in me, and get their wonderful designs as much exposure as I possibly could. I have to say this process would have taken much longer had it not been for SL Blogger Support.  Being a part of that blogging community has been invaluable and helped shorten my learning curve significantly.  Thanks to SLBS I achieved my “magical three” in what I felt was record time, and because of that I feel I have earned my SL fashion blogger merit badge.  Who are my “magical three?” The Grid Syndicate, Feed.Me!, and the SL Daily Wire.  Thank you for deeming my blog worthy to appear in your feeds, it means a great deal to me.

With school starting again in my RL, my time for blogging has been greatly reduced, leaving me twitchy at times as I crave to style and share all the goodness the designers have bestowed upon me.  So without further ado, here is my latest styling featuring the work of my wonderful SL mom, Discovering Destiny from On A Lark along with some striking eyeliner from {MUA}.

outfit > On A Lark - Amadi in Harvest - includes bangles, top and skirt (review copy) hat > [ChicZafari] - Savage Nature Hat hair > Eaters Coma - GIFT 03 (S) / Light Chestnut shoes > Belgravia - Paradise Sandals - Nero pose > Glitterati - Dead Ringer - 3
outfit > On A Lark – Amadi in Harvest – includes bangles, top and skirt (review copy)
hat > [ChicZafari] – Savage Nature Hat
hair > Eaters Coma – GIFT 03 (S) / Light Chestnut
shoes > Belgravia – Paradise Sandals – Nero
pose > Glitterati – Dead Ringer – 3
(click to enlarge)
 I have continued to enjoy my Slink hands and feet very much (thank again for the unintentional nudge Shanty!).  I used the Deesses Skins Slink Avatar Enhancement Natural Nails set for my fingernails and toenails.  I love having perfectly matched hands and feet and a variety of nails choices available to me at a click of a button.

I found Lark’s outfit to be not only sexy but powerful, and as with many of her designs it has a rather earthy feel to me.  I opted to couple her design with a rather striking hat from Chic Zafari.  It suited my mood on many levels…the thrill of being syndicated and the desire to blog only to have RL slow me down…this hat symbolized to me the boldness and freedom of expression I enjoy.

The hair is from Eaters Coma and I have to thank Strawberry Singh and Farrah Helendale for the tip.  I discovered Eaters Coma at Hair Fair and had not gone to the main store to pick up more…talk about an oversight!

OAL 082213_011
Make up:
eyeshadow > Revvie ~ Smoke by Zibska
eyeliner > {MUA} – Eyeliner – monochrom – black
lipstick > [mock] Mariellis Lip Shine Lip 2{Firebrick}
(click to enlarge)

OAL 082213_017

“Never dull your shine for somebody else.”
~ Tyra Banks

So Much Newness!

There are so many things that are new in my SL…too much for one post.  So I will begin with {MUA}. It isn’t a secret by now that Shanty Bookmite has now created Slink nail appliers.  For me this was huge.  I consider myself a cautious fashionista.  I am not one to adopt the latest craze immediately or press my avi against a sim line hopping to get into the hottest sale on the grid the moment it opens. I find I like to sit back and observe all the other fashionistas a while before I make my move. So why was I so excited about Shanty’s release?  I have been on the fence about mesh hands for a long time.  I have mesh feet, but they weren’t Slink and I always thought they were rather good.  As soon as I saw Shanty’s notice about her upcoming Slink appliers I knew the time had come.  So I went out and invested in some Slink hands and feet and am so excited to blog about the latest release from {MUA}!

{MUA} - Make-up Set "Paris" full, Slink Nail Applier "Matte Intense Colors" COMING SOON! [review copies] Loovus Dzevavor - Fisher's Net Bodysuit Olympia, Loovus Dzevavor: Egokituta Jeggings Ink hair > ""D!va"" Hair  "Diva2" (Onyx) [group gift] shoes > Belgravia - Paradise Sandals - Nero
{MUA} – Make-up Set “Paris” full & Slink Nail Applier “Matte Intense Colors” <COMING SOON! [review copies]
Loovus Dzevavor – Fisher’s Net Bodysuit Olympia & Loovus Dzevavor: Egokituta Jeggings Ink
hair > “”D!va”” Hair “Diva2” (Onyx) [group gift]
shoes > Belgravia – Paradise Sandals – Nero
Shanty’s make-up is always bold and her nail appliers are no different.  They inspired me to put on my Loovus Dzevavor and strike a pose that could capture all the head to toe boldness!  I am very excited by all the styling options there are with Slink hands, and {MUA} has certainly delivered.  As I told Shanty…I expect to be posing with my hands in my face a lot more! 😀

{MUA} Paris - full set
{MUA} Paris – full set