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I have decided to try my hand at some LOTD posts.  How will this be different?  Probably less wordy, though I can’t guarantee that.  The main difference will be the LOTDs will be based off of items I have picked up on one of my many shopping excursions instead of strictly from my awesome sponsors. So here is one I was feeling after I have begun the annual summer project of cleaning and organizing my inventory.  Enjoy!

LOTD 61614 F 2k
skin > Deesses by Natalie Wells
hair > *+JENOVA’s+* & **Dura**(Hair)(Dark Brown)
eyeliner > MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-2
lipstick > Deesses Skins: Glamour lipstick – Violette
lip spikes > [ #7 ] Spike Your Lips {MC}
necklace > Pure Poison – Beatrix Necklace
top > *CASHMERE*Amella Top(blue)
pants > [AD Creations] Anaide mesh pants
shoes > lassitude & ennui Alisha lace booties – black (SLINK feet)
pose > R.icielli – Fashion Poses 02 / pose 02
location > Aakriti Arts

LOTD 61614 C 2k

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PENUMBRA S/S FW ’14: Day 5

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Another quickie post to be sure you know what shows are to be had on DAY 5 of the fabulous PENUMBRA Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week!

day 5

As you can see there is much more fashion and fun to partake in today, don’t miss out!  Click the image above for your SLurl to the festivities.

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Item of the Week #2

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I have LOVED seeing you participate in IOTW.  The helmet shots we saw were awesome!  It is time to declare the next item!


First off I have to tell you what a journey these photos have been.  If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know that Nariko Okawa is a dear friend of mine and I work with her on her new project VISIONAIRE. Over the course of our friendship she has slipped me lil photo tips here and there which I have applied and improved with.  I show her my photos for her advice on how I can improve and I really feel I have seen a steady improvement.  So why do I share this with you? Because she made the photos for this blog post quite the learning experience.

(click photos to enlarge)

iotw_wings2_009_logo_cbI fell in love with these wings (Arm Wings-black) by Aliza Karu of AD Creations.  I had wanted to use them in a styling but hadn’t found the right one yet.  Good thing for ITOW!  I went to Annwn Willows and the feel of the sim was perfect.  The note card given on arrival really puts you into the frame of mind of the place.  I love music and I love that the sim owner provided a YouTube link to set the soundtrack of your visit.  I kept replaying it (I was there that long) and then remembered I had an Olafur Arnalds station already set up on my Pandora so I used that to fuel my exploration and photography.

The above photo met with Nariko’s approval from an editing stand point, but it is largely my modus operandi…carefully taken ultra snapshots, a lil cropping, and a logo/signature.

iotw_wings_002_logoAMy initial snaps were too dark so Nariko brightened these for me to show me the difference…

iotw_wings2_004_logoAAnd then she helped me do it myself and lay in a background…

iotw_wings2_007_BSo needless to say my mind was blown.  I retired my Gimp and am now fully on board with PhotoShop.  Applications for Nariko’s VISIONAIRE Institute are now closed, but I urge you to watch the results of the work of those who will be a part of this first batch via Flickr and to apply in the future should you desire more out of your SL photography skills.

| S T Y L E   C A R D |

hair > .:EMO-tions:. * ARADIA */black

skin > Deesses Skins: Alicia – bald eyebrows – ice frappe

eyes > IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Silver

make up > Madrid Solo- Soft Sacrifices- Eyes & Lips- Silver

wings > AD Creations by Aliza Karu – Arms wings – black

jewelry (head piece and chest piece) > LaGyo_Misaku

skirt > Dead Dollz Catrina Skirt

Thank you for reading and can’t wait you see your wings!


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Fiocco di Neve

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For me it is Christmas Eve and I am enjoying some time off at home.  So what do I do with my free time? Catch up on some blogging of course!  I really do enjoy blogging, and I was thrilled to be accepted as a blogger for The Couturier’s Docks!  I received this amazing holiday design entitled “Fiocco di neve” (snowflake in Italian) from Aliza Karu of AD Creations and fell in love with it right away.

couturiers dock AD DE_004_full~

It is so festive and couture.  The sparkles on the skirt are animated so they twinkle, clearly something my photo cannot capture, so you must go get one of your own!

couturiers dock AD DE_003_back2~

Every angle of this wonderful design is a treat for the eye. “Fiocco di Neve” is a limited edition item by AD Creations for The Couturier’s Docks, so do hurry on over and get one for yourself, you won’t regret it.

couturiers dock AD DE_009_mid~

And there is just the right amount of flesh on display to make it a treat for everyone around you!  Speaking of flesh, I am wearing the latest group gift from Natalie Wells of Deesses Skins called “Faith.”  I have been a long time fan of her skin. I began my career as a model with her skin which I still wear to this day (though in varying skin tones).  I love the ethnic feel she brings to her work.  I have said before on my blog as well as to friends, that it is important to me to be a model of color in SL as I am Puerto Rican in RL.  Being Puerto Rican means there is a bit of European, indigenous, and African in our look, and I think Natalie’s skins capture this perfectly for me.

couturiers dock AD DE_002_close~

I would like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas.  I am sure I will be posting again before New Years so I will save that wish for later. *chuckles*  I hope your Christmas/holiday season is filled with much joy, love, and laughter.

Oh and do be sure to visit my SLurls page for your shopping needs.


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