Skin Fair and More!

Hello Readers!

I am back with some more Skin Fair fabulousness.  No sooner had I made my previous Skin Fair post when a new arrival from 7 Deadly S{k}ins was delivered and they are wonderful!

I rather enjoy transforming myself in various ways in Second Life.  Could be my role play past, or the simple fact that we can be anything we like in SL.  As you may know I have been working on my SL photography skills as well as learning PhotoShop for the first time.  I know there are some amazing things you can do with PS if you have the time and the inclination.  I felt like toying around some and wanted to capture a few renditions of me in one photo like I have seen others do.  So the image below was the result.  I know it isn’t perfect, but it is much more than I could have even dreamed of attempting only a few short months ago.  I credit Nariko Okawa and WrenNoir Cerise with giving me the information and the courage to attempt this.  I cannot praise them and VISIONAIRE enough.  It is time well spent, and is helping me to become something else I thought I couldn’t be…an artist.

me meyself and I

I will be breaking down the details of what was worn on each avi below, but items not represented in other photos beyond the above are:

On Sammael:
shirt > Delirum Style by Christel Morane – Male T-Shirt
pants > Delirum Style by Christel Morane – Male Pants
shoes > Blackburns Boots & Shoes by Vlad Blackburn – Sneak Black
prop > / XIAJ x ZZANG / Red String of Fate 07 @ L’Accessories Gacha Event

Now let me take the photo apart some and show you a clearer image of the items I chose to include.  First off I want to share with you the two lovely new skins 7 Deadly S{k}ins is bringing to the Skin Fair table.

wrath close

Here we have the latest from 7 Deadly S{k}ins.  The skin I am wearing is “WRATH B4b T2” and I am also wearing one of Izara’s shapes, similarly called “WRATH.” If you are not already familiar with Izara’s work, her skins come in a wide array of options, along with every applier you can think of…Slink, Phat/Cute Azz, Loud Mouth, and Lolas.  For the Skin Fair not only is she offering this wonderful skin, she is offering a few make-ups as well.  I rather enjoyed the fresh-faced look, so I am wearing the make up called “Wrath M2 DEF.”  Since it is Arcade season, I topped off the look with  a new hair from Exile called “Shine.”  This one is from the pastel pack and available at this round of The Arcade. Oh, and let’s not forget my eyes.  As they have been pretty much all the time of late, they are IKON and these in particular are “Eternal Eyes – Hazel.”

sam close

Here we have the latest in the 7 Deadly S{k}ins male skin line, Sammael.  I am wearing the Sammael shape along with the “B3T2” version of the Sammael skin. I have added /Wasabi Pills/ Dylan Mesh Hair – Black coffee and of course IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Celtic Green.  Handsome isn’t he?  Sammael and Wrath will both be available at the upcoming Skin Fair.  It opens March 14th.

Up next we have some newness from my SL Mom Discovering Destiny from On A Lark. Her most recent release is called “Nani” and I am wearing it in Sunset. I have also added another recent release of Lark’s, the Crysantha Arm Cuffs.  A better look at them can be found in my slideshow at the end of this post.

oal nani_front

Next we have me in my usual appearance with skin by Natalie Wells of Deesses.  I have donned another recent release from Lark called “Helena.” It made me think angel, so that is what I ran with adding some wings from the past round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival by Una Daxter called “SteamPunk Wings Down.”

Helena Angel

I loved getting to pull out this older hair by Truth (from pre-mesh days)!  I have wanted to use it in a styling forever and finally had my chance!  It is called Tahnee in coffee.  I also have on the Helena collar and bangles by On A Lark.  The Helena gown comes in a few colors, a sample of which can be found in the slideshow below.

Thank you for getting through a rather wordy post of mine.  I have so much more to share and I am avoiding this paper I have to write. I guess I have put it off long enough.  Happy shopping and thanks for reading!


“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
~ Ayn Rand

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Skin Fair 2014

Hello Readers!

One of the many great perks of being a part of SL Blogger Support is the early access to some pretty huge events on the grid.  In this case I am talking about the upcoming Skin Fair (Flickr).

I had already planned on going, but being the “wait-til-the-lag-dies-down” sort of shopper blogger that I am, I had chosen to wait as I knew many of my counterparts were itching for 12pm SLT today to hit the Skin Fair.

In the mean time I had been in contact with Marcopol Oh because I was one of 60 lucky models who would have her photo taken as a part of the Earth Hour project hosted in SL by Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM) Agency. I will also be a part of this event in that the first Colour of Couture runway challenge will take place at the AIM event, but I digress.

I was floored a couple of weeks ago to learn that Marco would be the photographer behind the photos taken for the SL Earth Hour. His work as been referenced many times in my VISIONAIRE course and I am quite a fan of how realistic his SL images are.  Our schedules finally lined up some today so that we could get together.  So I don my Earth Hour outfit and accept his teleport to then get a security orb warning that I had 10 seconds to get out.  I remember the first time I saw that message…I freaked out!  Nowadays when I see it, I just chuckle and tp home to wait for it to be turned off or I get added so I can return. Today however I didn’t want to tp out on Marco so I let his orb bounce me off ban lines for a bit, which I admit was amusing.  I had to relog on account of being battered (my viewer didn’t enjoy the ban line bouncing as much as I did).  I of course was relaying all of this to Marco and he was profusely apologetic.  Upon relogging, Marco said he HAD to give me one of his skins to MAKE me forgive him. I about fell over!  I assured him I was not mad at him and found the whole thing amusing, but he gifted me with Jemma none the less.

So in honor of the treat of meeting Marco in pixels, getting to have my portrait done by him, his easy going nature, and his generosity, I present my version of Jemma, which will be available at this round of the Skin Fair!

Betty Jemma_far

One of the things I enjoy about blogging for designers like Legal Insanity and 7 Deadly S{k}ins is that their items are available to the mesh body part loving community of SL.  In my day to day modeling activities I rarely have a use for mesh attachments beyond hands and feet, but I do enjoy styling with the Lolas and Phat Azz when I have the chance, and Marco provided that chance!

hair > TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Light Brown 1] (@ this round of The Arcade)
skin> Clef de Peau:Jemma:Shape #4 (modified to fit Phat Azz and Slink hands/feet)
outfit > Bitch & Chic by Legal Insanity – dana outfit green – (with Lola & Phat Azz appliers)
bracelets > (Kunglers Extra) TDRF #031 – Mixed bracelet
shoes > Berries Inc. candy flats { wetgrass }
poses > Slouch

Betty Jemma_close

Jemma comes in 5 skin tones: milk, pearl, peach, honey, and toffee. (I opted for toffee because I am partial to darker tones.)  Jemma also has 4 brow colors: dark, brown, blonde and ginger.  There are also 3 cleavage options, 5 different make ups for each skin color, and 5 lipstick options: gloss red, red lipstick, gloss candy, gloss nude, and gloss pink. Also included are extra layers like eyeliners, blushes, and freckles.  Appliers for Slink hands/feet, Lolas, and Phat/Cute Azz are included.  So the ability to make Jemma your own is a certainty.

I do have one more photo of Jemma to share with you.  This one was done by my dear friend Geths.  He had been toying with facial expressions on his AnyPose and was enjoying “shrug.” This expression reminded him of the .: Standby Inc. – Omen Mask (Kame Green) he had gotten at this round of The Arcade (and you can see it in the photo).  He then wanted to see me in “shrug” as Jemma and once I did it for him he had to photograph it, so here it is!


It was most definitely an amusing and eventful day in SL for me, thanks to Marco and Geths.  Do be sure to visit the Skin Fair and stop by Clef de Peau to meet Jemma for yourself. Doors will open March 14 at 12:01am SLT.

Thank you for reading!

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