Avatars Against Trump

“After the election” A styling I did as a part of BOSL magazine.

Hello Readers!

Today’s post is going to be more of your traditional sort of blog post, though I might just vlog on this topic at some point. Like many of you, I have been feeling VERY strongly about the state of the government in the United States since before the recent election and even more so after it. I have been able to safely assert my view on things (mostly) from my RL/SL Facebook, and I tend to rant a lot to those closest to me in my RL and my SL. I have wanted to make a post like this for a while, but life and hesitation tend to get in the way sometimes. Thankfully I saw Strawberry’s post and was motivated to finally do it.

It is amazing to me how divided we as a nation are. I tend to avoid any political talk, I don’t enjoy conflict or arguing. I am one who will remain quiet until motivated to speak, which usually comes as a result of the insanity of statements made by others. As an American I have taken my right to vote very seriously. I am stunned every election at how many Americans do not care to vote or who think their votes don’t matter. As an educator of young children, I have done my best to instill in my students the importance of being an active citizen. I have mixed feelings about having been out of the classroom during this political season (I went from classroom teacher to instructional coach without a class of my own). For as passionate as I have felt about the issues, I wonder if I could have remained neutral as I have in past elections. I will never know.

I have become an avid listener of all kinds of political podcasts, though I have cut back quite a bit now…for my own sanity. One fact I heard on a podcast a while back was just how much of the voting population elected this man. This man whom I consider a bigot and demagogue (among other things). This man offends me on so many levels. He offends me as a woman, a Latina, and a mother. He offends me as an educator and he offends me as an American. I will never directly call him my president, because he is not. He does not represent me and he does not respect me. I try not to resent those Americans that brought this nightmare into my life. I know they all had their reasons, but he was the wrong choice for the change they were so desperate for. This man’s election is a low point in American history and American democracy. Nearly HALF of the voting population DID NOT VOTE. This man won with 25% and the electoral college. Voter turn out has been a long standing issue, I know that. I just am stunned that just 25% of the voters in this country decided this bigoted demagogue was what was best for America.

I am a Democrat (shocker, I know). I had never labeled myself anything more than that..liberal, left, whatever…just Democrat. But I am feeling more left than ever. I have never been an activist. I have never shared my political views publicly, that’s just not polite right? Well, the times have clearly changed. I am more vocal than I ever have been when it comes to politics, because people need to wake up and do something, myself included.

As an RL friend of mine likes to say on her podcast, I am WOKE. I am activated, I will take action. I will be an even more active part of the democracy I live in. I am a part of the resistance.

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