About Me

In 2007 I became a resident of Second Life® and have never left.  In the early days I was just like all the other new residents, going to clubs and meeting people.  After a while though this was no longer enough.  I enjoyed SL so much on the whole that I knew I could find something more to do to keep myself entertained.  I decided I would be a cultural anthropologist and study the subcultures of SL. This led to my introduction to role play and I fell in love with it. I spent several years learning to role play in SL and perfected my style across a few genres.  In time though I craved more, and this is where Silly came in.  She was my 3rd avatar and I used her to explore the other facets of SL outside of role play.  It was on her that I pursued my desire to write and came to work for AVENUE Magazine.  It was through AVENUE that I was able to achieve the one thing I figured I would never get to do in SL…model.  Modeling led to me fashion blogging, which fulfilled a long time desire to blog that I was never quite able to do with any regularity before.

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