All good things come to an end

Hello Readers,

I have been in a state of limbo for a while with my Second Life. I love SL, but the time has come to retire this avatar. I have always been one to compartmentalize, and as a result I have kept a few avatars as I use each differently to explore and engage with SL. Silly Avro has been what I consider my main avatar for a number of years. However, life on another of my avatars as become much more vibrant and it is time I give her the title of my main avatar. I am not going to publish all the details here, just wanted to leave some record for any who may wonder what became of Silly Avro. I welcome any private inquiries and am willing to share my new SL with any who care to inquire. Thank you all for reading and following. I hope your First and Second Lives are full of love and light!


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