I’m Back!


Hello Reader!

I know it’s been a while. There has been a lot going on in my real life that made me take a step back from Second Life a bit. It’s not that I haven’t been here, but more that I haven’t been inspired to create images or write, which in the end left me feeling rather sad. To be honest, my real life work situation was very toxic, which can easily kill anyone’s creativity and positive mood. I am happy to report I have changed jobs. That change has been refreshing in so many ways.

As some of you who know me or have been reading me for a while may know, I am an educator in RL. I have worked with elementary aged students. After several years of that and some encouragement from higher ups, I tried my hand at being a teacher on assignment. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is generally a teaching position based out of the district office where teachers work with other teachers at school sites throughout the district in a specialized area like technology, math, science, language arts, etc. I had tried for a position like this many times in my former district and had not been selected, until a few years ago. I of course entered this new opportunity with high hopes and excitement as I am an optimist at heart. But it turned out to be nothing at all like I hoped. Rather than build me up and give me new experiences and exposure to other schools, teachers and administrators in my district, it tried to grind me down. I had a lot of low moments in that job and missed my classroom and previous school…the teachers I worked with, the kids I taught, the families I supported. I knew I had to get that back. After a very long and taxing job search (which ones aren’t right?), I landed a job in a wonderful new school district as an assistant principal of two elementary schools. I work for amazingly supportive people and am mentored by two wonderful principals. I love both schools I work at, the kids, their families, and the staff. I feel energized and fulfilled. Needless to say the change has been incredibly refreshing. I’ve been in my new position since July and while it has been amazing, there has been a lot to learn and a lot of folks to get to know. I am off this week for Thanksgiving break, reflecting on how things have improved for me professionally, but also seeing other areas in my life that need improvement…such as my academic work as a doctoral student and my spiritual life.

While some would leave Second Life to handle those things, I am one who finds creating in Second Life to be very helpful for me overall. It is a space where I can create in many ways, giving me a much needed outlet. This blog also allows me some room to share in semi-anonymity. I can’t say all the things I would like to on my RL social media…educator/administrator and all. I can’t even be as creative as I would like to be, for the same reasons. Professional persona. So here in this space I feel I can be more truly me, saying and doing as I wish…within reason of course.

So welcome back to Silly’s rambling stream of consciousness blogging!

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