I get ALOT of fashion magazines. So many my husband complains about how they take up all the space in our mailbox when more than one arrives on the same day. While my RL has been so busy of late I have not had time to read them all, and I refuse to cancel them. Well, I have cancelled some of them, but not all of them. Instead I make neat little piles in a back room of all the unread magazines and slowly make my way through them.

It had been a suggestion to me as a new aspiring SL model back in my days at the AVENUE modeling school to subscribe to RL fashion magazines for inspiration. I did that and that is how long I have been getting these magazines…four + years now or so, so my piles of them in the back room of my house really aren’t that small. I will only part with the magazines once I have read through them for any inspiration.

I finally had time to try to capture some of what inspired me from the September 2017 Allure magazine, namely an article on Helen Mirren.

My take:

Inspired by Mirren

My take:

More Mirren

I’ve realized that I am the sort who enjoys prompts. What I mean is on my RL educator blog, I was part of a year long blogging club where prompts were given. I found that those prompts did amazing things for the frequency of my posting and what I posted about. I have not found any blogging prompts that would suit this blog, and I want to take more photos thanks to my ongoing involvement with VISIONAIRE, so I thought I would look not only for fashion and styling inspiration in the RL fashion magazines I get, but for photography inspiration.

Where do you get your inspiration to blog? Share with me in the comments blow. 🙂

Prisilla v2

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I know that a few bloggers do challenges, I have done some in the past myself many moons ago. My inspiration usually comes from a particular item, how it makes me feel if it excites me and so on. I don’t get much time to read magazines, but I do watch a lot of shows and movies, it is my mind rest. Those often trigger ideas, but probably a lot less than they should, but not what I am doing it for. This post will have me thinking on this now, so thank you :). I also did not know about Visionaire, so I have some reading up to do there also.

    Sasy Scarborough

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Sasy! I really enjoy hearing what inspires others to blog. When I was actively blogging for other brands, I would often looks for an item to inspire me. Most of the time that was successful for me, but eventually the pressure of having to meet all the requirements of blogging interfered. I am glad my post got you thinking! And if you have any questions about VISIONAIRE, let me know! We are currently in at the end of the current batch of students, but another will start up in the Spring 2018. 🙂

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