Hello Readers!

It has been far too long since I have posted…RL is funny like that. My doctoral program is in full swing, I have changed jobs in RL, I am trying to exercise more, and when I am in SL it is typically for projects that interest me, like my work with SCALA. That is what prompted me to ‘journal’ today…that is what this blog is really…my online journal of my virtual life. I realized too much is going by undocumented because I am too busy to document. But am I really? Shouldn’t I be able to take the time to publicly journal my experiences and perhaps engage in a dialog with those who care to read it and comment?

Today SCALA Models Agency pulled off an amazing show in celebration of Windlight Magazine‘s birthday. It was a learning experience from start to finish and not without its stresses, but I was constantly impressed at how those I worked with on this project worked together to make it a success. Once the show was underway I was certainly feeling the pressure to cue the models in a timely manner and remain calm no matter what. The models we had on the runway are consummate professionals and they performed beautifully. Due to last moment technical issues I had to take over a walk for one of the models and in all the time I have spent in and producing runway shows, I have never had to walk the runway and cue at the same time. I have to admit that doing so gave me new model jitters all over again, but it was surreal to be in the moment. I of course did just fine, but I have to say that by the end of that show I was feeling the model high I am sure many of the model/producers who may be reading this get when a show is over and it was executed successfully. It was a relief and a thrill all at once. It warmed my heart to see that the adjective that dominated the post show reactions was AMAZING. It has been a long time since I have worked on a project of this magnitude and it was certainly very gratifying to see it come together and be so well received. I am of course not taking all of the credit, I alone could never have done something like this. The models of course were phenomenal, but those behind the scenes were equally so.

  • Models: Apocketfullofbutterflies (Mecca), Carley Benazzi, Chilicalifornia (Her Majesty Crista Wellens the Blunt), Eleseren Brianna, Lua Vendetta, Miele Tarantal, Shazneyvalentine (Shazzy), Wicca Merlin, Veronica Krasner, and Nasir (Teladis)
  • Senior Management: Seashell Dench and Petra L. Alexander
  • Designer Liaison: Shazney Valentine
  • Public Relations: Alianna Logan & Cassie Piper
  • Set Designer: Redclaw Inshan
  • Script Writer: Liat Reina

Since I rarely get to take photos anymore, I thought I would snap a couple of the two outfits I was fortunate to wear. The first is Wicca’s of course. Not only is Wicca Merlin a top notch SL model and my unofficial mentor, she is a brilliant designer and a dear friend. I cued and walked at the same time for her and for that I say THANK YOU! I don’t even mean that sarcastically…Wicca has pushed me in a variety of subtle ways over the time I have known her and this was no different. I love you Wicca Merlin!! ♥

Me wearing the dress Wicca created for me as a part of my run in Miss Virtual World 2015, the Prisilla Dress along with the Josephine Hat and Seraphina Heels…all reimagined in fuchsia for ACHROMATIC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and indulging my need to share and praise those involved in this project. You can find what I am wearing along with all the other amazing designs for the show at the ACHROMATIC Boutique, open now and for a while as Windlight celebrates is birthday. Happy Birthday Windlight Magazine and thank you for asking SCALA to be a part of your celebrations!