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Hello Readers!

The Body Art Hunt draws to a close in a few days and I wanted to give you one last reminder to get going so you can have some of the amazing gifts I have on! As always I am wearing my Maitreya and this lovely flower tattoo is called Fancy Flower by TENJIN. Also available on the hunt is the makeup (eyes & lips) I am wearing .Echo. Crisp Facial Makeup. AND the lip piercings which are called double side lip piercings with metal studs by Glint.

body art 072515_004 pm

I have to show off the other awesome tattoo I am wearing, it is called Ryu by Endless Pain Tattoos. I have to share a tidbit some of you may already know. It was news to me, so there may be some of you out there who it is news to as well. But the Ryu tattoo does not come with a Maitreya applier. I was lamenting over a similar situation a few weeks ago when a friend pointed out I could get something from Omega that would make it so I could apply tattoos that are made for Omega to my Maitreya. I finally tested this out and as you can see I was successful. I was so excited about how many more tattoos (and anything Omega applier ready) I will get to wear on my Lara! (You can get your very own Omega System Kit HERE) Then there is this awesome dress by .miss chelsea. called the Bardot Bodycon Dress Lime. This designer is a new favorite of mine for all their mesh body items. I am wearing the Maitreya size and love how it fits!

I must admit I have enjoyed getting all inked up, it is a departure from my “usual” and I really do rather like it as well as the reactions I got from others, so I just might have to sport some more ink and piercings going forward!

I fell in LOVE with this poofy lil fro from Unorthodox and the Hair Fair called Fantasy Hair. I was really feeling my inner Latina rebel and was getting a kick out of it. I think we all need a lil rebellion sometimes.

Thank you for reading,
“Every woman is a rebel.”
― Oscar Wilde

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