Kunoichi Koshino

geisha final may2015

Hello Readers!

I was thrilled to be asked to to be a judge for this round of Colour of Couture! The task for their challenge was:

“Junko Koshino is one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed and celebrated fashion designers. She is best known for her bold, sophisticated and cutting-edge designs. Koshino’s work varies – she designs functional garments featuring geometric, sometimes asymmetrical shapes, with a lot of black but also bright and contrasting hues. She also makes boldly avant garde designs which are much more like wearable art. She emphasizes a focus on the femininity of a woman, but is always experimenting on new ideas. She is also guided by the Japanese concept of “Taikyoku” – contrast in balance or harmony.

Her work varies, sometimes it is boldly avant, sometimes it dances the edge between avant garde and more wearable couture. She loves to experiment with different materials, such as metal and rubber, and work to express the qualities they have, and how that informs the design.”

Colour of Couture holds a special place in my heart as one of my most favorite competitions to participate in and it helped me prepare to be a Miss, so to be asked to judge for it was a special treat. I of course want to style my own take on the theme and that is what I did above. I found it refreshing to style what I would and not stressed about being judged. Judging is so much better than being judged!

hair > [RA] Nicki Hair – Duos
headband/bow > [MANDALA]OBI-BOW(Yamabuki-YELLOW)
makeup > La Malvada Mujer – Jezebel N3 /eyes &  Jezebel N5/lips
bracelets > [MANDALA]POLLY Bracelet set/BLACK
shoes > -Pixicat- GeishaHigh
dress > ..::Dead Dollz::. Kunoichi Black
tights > Izzie’s – High Waisted Tights

Thanks for reading,
“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”
― Marilyn Monroe

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