show #57: teaching in sl = dancing with the power points?

Was so thrilled to be a part! Thanks, Drax!

the drax files radio hour

show #57 show #57

today’s show title is [obviously!] a play on the [most common?] educational use of second life & yes, while we are painting with a broad brush again, let us be honest – have you not been invited to a dance party where folks ran through a power point at the same time? jo and i sure have!

anyways: enjoy an hour of nuance on the subject and feed on the great insight from prisilla “silly” avro, passionate elementary school teacher & virtual model, who embraces technology in education as long as it is not used to “drill & kill”:

now read onward for even more parsing of the issue:

– drax is now obsessed with charlie brooker [and has a playlist of “the black mirror” on youtube]

thank you for coming to my rez day party [thx to berry for taking pics]

pokute burt's rez day card pokute burt’s rez day card

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Hello Readers!

Kiddo Oh has a sexy new outfit out called Octavia. She created it for The Fantasy Collective that runs for 3 weeks beginning February 20th.

Dead Dollz antique_f

Octavia does not come with a bit to cover your lady lumps, and I wonder if Kiddo did that intentionally to see how her fans would cover or not cover them up. I know I have enjoyed seeing various takes on styling this fab gown on Flickr!

Dead Dollz antique_r

I love the back of this dress as well. I have to admit one of the things that got me to fall for Dead Dollz were the amazing ruffles and detail. Octavia does not disappoint!

Dead Dollz antique_t

I wore my Physique with Octavia in antique (it also comes in black and brown) and a lace top applier by Crazy Kitty. My poses were by KaTink of course, and were from the Haute collection. I also had some amazing new Glamistry on underneath that color matched perfectly of course! These are the Astra Heels.

Dead Dollz antique_g

Thank you for reading!
“We outgrow love like other things and put it in a drawer, till it an antique fashion shows like costumes grandsires wore.”
― Emily Dickinson

Prayer in C

Hello Readers!

Here is the latest from my playlist…

Prayer in C

|the details|
hair > MOON{Hair}. 21 Hours
flowers > Calavera Hair and Choker by Faster Pussycat
make up > Los Muertos White Face Paint – White by Soul Distraction
jacket > Emery – Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood Smoke
dress > *COCO* CamiDress(FloralBlack)B-lace
shoes > Eudora 3D Quatermain Boots (Male/Female) Red 2
pose > Christina 1 by KaTink
location > Winterfall

Thank you for reading,
“Yeah, you never said a word
You didn’t send me no letter
Don’t think I could forgive you”
~ Prayer in C by Lilly Wood & The Prick ~



HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE is opening its doors to the public! We are holding our first and only #MODELCASTING for HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE planned for 2015. All the information you need is attached below. Selected models will join our family of 42 models and be part of the HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE Fashion Mob team after they complete orientation conducted by our staff.

Date : 21 February 2015
Time : 12 Noon SLT

All the information you need can be found at :





Hello Readers!

I have this lovely dress to show you from Dead Dollz and if you hurry, you might still be able to get it as it is a limited edition!

DD Luxury_front

Ma Petite by Dead Dollz

DD Luxury_reverse

Pose: Sadie by KaTink

Luxury Madrid

Eye makeup by Madrid Solo ~ Flare (upper only, no hearts) *NEW*

 Get your very own Ma Petite at the Luxury Haute Couture Fashion Fair! It ends in just a couple days on February 15th!

(Links to KaTink and Madrid Solo can be found in my Designer SLurl box on the right.)

Thanks for reading,
“If you want me, you’d better hurry. Act now, supplies are limited.”
― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

VISIONAIRE Institute is now accepting applications!


You read the title of this post correctly! It is time to begin accepting applications to our Spring 2015 classes at VISIONAIRE Institute!

Please complete the application online at:

You can view the course details at:

Closing date for applications is FEBRUARY 28, 2015

Please join the VISIONAIRE group at secondlife:///app/group/6853fce3-aba3-1f43-039c-842a7382b8ee/about to stay informed of the latest!

Follow us on social media:

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