Cutting Room Floor: Silly Frida

Hello Readers!

I have been thinking for a while now I should really post casting photos that end up rejected. Why? Because I casted and felt I did my best and just because I wasn’t selected doesn’t mean that my creative expression/interpretation should be shut away in the dark.  I enjoy styling challenges and if I cast for something I always do my best, otherwise why bother casting?

I want to say first off my posting of my work is in no way meant to “flame” the organizations who did not select me. I am not a hater, and I am huge on respecting the opinion of another as I wish my opinion to be respected in kind.

As a message to the models out there, you all know rejection comes with the territory. I am a firm believer that if you have a thin skin or are easily crushed when not selected then modeling isn’t for you.  Honestly, among my many reasons for trying virtual modeling, one reason was to work on how thin skinned I could be, and to learn to accept rejection. I am not everyone’s cup of tea, or their flavor and that is ok. To each their own right?  I am confident enough in who I am and my abilities to give something my best shot and if selected, then YAY and if not, I was not what was being looked for and that is quite alright. I am still proud of my work and my interpretation of the theme given.

Now onto the latest of my work to end up on the cutting room floor!  The casting was for iNOVARE magazine and the assignment was to create a styling inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Silly Frida v2

| the details |
hair > Boon KBO906 in chocolate
crown > [Wishbox] Festival Crown (Multi)
Frida’s look > Frida Brows w/Lady Tache by Miss Shippe’s Studio
earrings > (Yummy) Vice Hoop – Gold
necklace > Lazuri DolceStella Necklace -Holidays Edition-
lace top > Dead Dollz Sugar Cocktail Dress White Lace Shirt
red top > Severed Garden Mina undershirt
bangles > ~Soedara~ Celestial Bidadari Nymph Bracelets
shawl > Andalusia Manton by Dead Dollz
skirt > Misfit skirt by The Plastik

I adore Frida Kahlo. As a Latina I think it is very important to know Latin historical figures and Frida is certainly one of them. This styling assignment was pretty broad, which I enjoy, it gives a lot of room for creative interpretation. I had considered styling myself based on one of her pieces of art, but the woman herself fascinates me so I chose to look like Frida instead of one of her many pieces of art.

Frida was a tortured soul and had a very hard life. At age six she was struck with polio which affected the growth of her right leg and foot, causing them to be deformed. Because of this she always wore long skirts or pants. (Which is a fact about her that played into my styling.) She also suffered many medical problems as a result of a car accident she survived in her youth. Despite all the challenges life placed in front of her, I admire her strength and creativity. She is a very intriguing individual and her life story is a rich one.  I enjoyed this styling challenge immensely and was very pleased with the outcome.

For those who were selected in this casting, you have my sincerest congratulations!

Now off to dig through my inventory for all the other rejections to post… *chuckles*

Thank you for reading,
“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” -Frida Kahlo

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