Summer’s End

Hello Readers!

Summertime cannot end soon enough for me.  I am sure there are a fair amount of you who love summer and based on where you might live in the world it could be very nice for you. For me however, summer is quite warm and very nearly uncomfortably so. I am never sad to see the summer come to an end, and I always enjoy the summertime thunderstorms we have had here lately. They signal a change in seasons is coming soon!

My SL mom (Discovering Destiny) makes all sorts of lovely things, so many I can’t blog them all!  When I saw these latest releases I just HAD to be sure I photographed them for you.

OAL Summer
top > Goldie in Harvest by On A Lark
shorts > Kate Shorts in Steel by On A Lark
hair > Writer Hair (braid) by Tableau Vivant (@ The Arcade – NOW)
sunglasses > Accessory to the Writer Hair – Nabokov by Tableau Vivant (@ The Arcade – NOW)
purse > MiWardrobe -Painted Leather Handbag-Pink Pastel-
anklet > Cazimi: Rikah Anklet – Gold (@ The Jewlery Fair – opens September 13th)
shoes > ieQED fawn.wedge.sunburst.
background > Floral Grunge by KaTink
pose > Illusion by Posesion
OAL Summer (reverse)

Goldie and Katie come in a variety of colors of course, Lark is always very good about that. So do stop by On A Lark and check them out, they are must haves!

Thank you for reading!


“They write songs about California girls for a reason.”
― Sarah Mlynowski, Ten Things We Did

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