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Hello Readers!

What a weekend!  So many awesome SL activities! I LOVE working with SCALA and it was a pleasure to coordinate the VIP Rapture shows. They way people come together to make an excellent production happen is truly awe inspiring. Then there was today…my first official Miss Virtual World meeting! I am so excited about this for so many reasons, but the big news was that we all finally learned what countries we would be representing. I was thrilled to learn I had been given my 1st choice…Puerto Rico!  I am 100% Puerto Rican and my mother raised me to be proud of that fact. I was often asked as a child what I was “mixed with” and whenever I would share this with my mom she would always say “Tu es cien por ciento boricua! (You are 100% Puerto Rican!) Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!” And yes there was a fair amount of “Spanglish” in my house as my parents were the first and second generations of their families born on “the mainland,” (USA) so Spanish usage in my house was rather mixed, though both of my parents are fluent in English and Spanish.  To be able to represent Puerto Rico in MVW is a huge thrill for me.

Shortly after returning home from the MVW meeting, my SL sis Liat points out that the SL Blogger Support group has early access to the upcoming Jewelry Fair!  I was able to pull my head out of the clouds long enough to take the TP from my sis and have a look at what designers already had their items set up. There are some amazing designers there for sure and I will have more sneak peeks for you in the coming days.  I fell in love with the jewelry I have photographed for you today. It is so magical!  It went right along with my MVW mood and I had to share it with you.


Jewelry Fair Exclusive – Terra d’ombrA – ARACNE Pearl set

I love when events introduce me to designers I was previously unfamiliar with. Terra d’ombrA‘s designs are amazing and I know I will be going back for more!

The Jewelry Fair opens on 12:01am slt on Saturday, September 13th. I can’t post a slurl yet as the event is not open but…
To join the group, paste this into your SL viewer: secondlife:///app/group/2604ff63-a0ce-16c3-4675-48d760dc5332/about
To view other amazing designs that will be available visit the event’s Flickr group:
A complete listing of participating designers can be found at:

Thank you for reading!


Fashion is part of our culture, and it’s about more than just a pretty dress.
Joan Smalls

Jewelry Fair Logo


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