SL11B on Wednesday, June 25

SL Community Celebration

Here are the events for Wednesday, June 25, at SL11B! Click the stage name in the header to get the SLurl to your event.

Live StageCake StageDJ StageAuditorium
12:00 AM
Jimmmy Sharktooth
2:00 AM
dogmi lord
4:00 AM
Spook Maroon
6:00 AM
CattieLynn Resident
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
chip Takacs
Grease Coakes
11:00 AM
rose1982superstar hansome
12:00 PM
Caasi Ansar
MasterDJ Yiyuan
1:00 PM
Lyn Carlberg
CharlesDe Beaumont
How to Lessen the Lag- Class(Ed Merryman)
2:00 PM
Quinn Direwytch
Heaven Kruh
Designer Talks
3:00 PM
Dariases Benigni
Nad Gough
4:00 PM
Jahman Ochs
Rosa Alekseev
Art Talk: Ginger Lorakeet/U.S. talks about her immersive art
5:00 PM
Bo Hoyes
Skyrider Sicling
Community Talks: Kids! (Matthew Querrien)
6:00 PM
Premium Composer
Angelcat Slade
Tune Smithy (Cybercat Bekkers)
7:00 PM
Michaeljames Magic
SugarRose Resident
Careers in SecondLife (Cierra Emor)
8:00 PM
Savannah Coronet
Phobos Jamberoo
Democracy and Freedom…

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