SL11B on Tuesday, June 24

Reblogging this a lil late, but there is still plenty to go see at SL11B today! Enjoy!

SL Community Celebration

Here are the events for Tuesday, June 24, at SL11B! Click the stage name in the header to get the SLurl to your event.

Live StageCake StageDJ StageAuditorium
12:00 AM
4:00 AM
karole batista
6:00 AM
Krystal Devonshire
8:00 AM
Bravehart Glenwalker
10:00 AM
Trowzer Boa
11:00 AM
LoneWolf55 Genesis
12:00 PM
Lokki Meryman
Gilliam Saeed
Zola Bertrand
1:00 PM
Songbird Bunny Sorbet
2:00 PM
oldwolf Criss
Muck Tomsen
Designer Talks: Kayle Matzerath
3:00 PM
Hunson Abadeer
Pink Lady Dancers(Zhaza Zerbino)
4:00 PM
Rocky Toocool (4-pc band)
Art Talk: Elicio Ember of Cerridwen’s Cauldron
5:00 PM
Melody Paperdoll
Cordelia Cerise (dance)
Community Talks: Horses and Riders
6:00 PM
Lisa Rhode
Sasch Petrov
“Second Life as a Tool for Spanish Teaching” (Eugenia Calderon)
7:00 PM
Gilberto García
Patsy Petrov
Lil Mambas cheer/dance team (Stormy Lupindo)
8:00 PM
Lyric Serendipity
ciroc Jennings
ballantinegoldwell Resident

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