SL11B on Sunday, June 22

SL Community Celebration

Here are the events for your opening day of SL11B!! Click the stage name in the header to get the SLurl to your event.

Live StageCake StageDJ StageAuditorium
12:00 PM
Mankind Tracer
Liltank Thibideau
Spike Clemenceau
1:00 PM
Grace McDunnough
Special live show of The Drax Files Radio Hour (Draxtor Despres/Jo Yardley)
2:00 PM
Russell Eponym
Riff Gaffer
MikeyMike Kestrel
3:00 PM
Kawana Pinklady
Virtual World: Real Global Change (Anya Ibor)
4:00 PM
Marky Helstein
Parker Static
mikedacook dinzeo
Art Talk: Arduenn Schwartzman & Harter Fall discuss 3d art in SL Findland/Holland
5:00 PM
avantgarde Frequency
Community Talks
6:00 PM
Cranston Yordstorm
djturbine resident
Second Life Cheerleading Squad (Avery Serrano)
7:00 PM
Chapman Zane
Madison Pinelli
Virtual Modeling (Suki Rexen)
8:00 PM
Joe Paravane
DJ Romanmarcus
ladjgirl resident
9:00 PM
Prowess Rayna
10:00 PM
elyzhabates (dancer)
Brea Skytower

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