Second Life’s 11th Birthday!

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Hello Readers!

I have been on a role playing binge lately as I enjoy my summer (shout out to any City of Lost Angels role players out there!), but I have not lost my passion for blogging!  I was thrilled to learn the other day that I was granted early access to SL’s 11th Birthday exhibition.  I have been in love with Second Life since I signed on in 2007…despite my less than smooth beginning, I recognized that SL was something new and exciting and I was bound and determined to make it work for me.

SL is truly an amazing place.  Despite all the nay-sayers I remain firm in my position.  Second Life is an incredible space for personal expression and creativity.  I know all good things come to an end, but SL has been going strong for 11 years and there is certainly a very dedicated community of residents, many of whom I am honored to call friends.

Having just come off the awesome (and exhausting) shopping experience that is Fashion for Life (which raised over $12,000 USD for the American Cancer Society!), I geared up to explore SL11B’s collection of sims that house exhibitions from residents who represent just a fraction of the amazing diversity of the grid.

The SL11B website is amazing and I know several residents I enjoy have exhibitions set up, so I tackled the sim exploration by using the exhibitor feature.  First stop was Jo Yardley’s 1920’s Berlin.  Jo’s sim has been a mainstay in SL and I had the pleasure of writing about it for AVENUE in March 2013. I enjoy reading Jo’s thoughts on SL and listening to her Radio Hour with Drax, if you don’t know what I am talking about it and are interested in metaverse/SL related topics, check it out!

SL11B 3_003

Harper Beresford is a blogger well known to many, so when I saw her name on the exhibitor’s list I had to go check out “Homeless.”

SL11B 3_005
“The newest machinima from Tutsy Navarathna, premiering at SL11B. Highlighting poverty around the world, the piece includes SL interspersed with RL in India.”

Next I found the exhibit done by Jessica Lyon on “The Firestorm Project.”  I OF COURSE had to go see that and found it very impressive.  I have been a user of her (and her team’s) work since the Emerald Viewer and I have to say I have enjoyed each incarnation and I really enjoyed the way it was displayed.

SL11B 3_006

And then I realized I was late for my tour!  You can see my snaps in my SL11B Flickr Album.

SL11B 3_010

After the tour I got back to seeing the rest of the names I knew who were on the exhibitor list.  I resumed my visits with the exhibit called “Revise the Next” prepared by Aliza Karu of AD Creations. Here is the text that appears in the items given when you visit her exhibit:

“Revise the next”
This year too, the “2Lei in Second Life” commitee takes part in birthday celebration of this amazing metaverse.
In the installations, there are 3 photos by Paola Mills, and a mesh sculpture composed by Moore Tone, with creative contributions of all members; this is why the mesh was load by 2Lei Resident, the official avatar of the commitee.
The central figure, symbol of uniformity contemporary, evolves into a future dominated by the differences that co-exist and work together, generating positive feelings.
Respect, trust and equality – our empire of the mind – are the focus of the installation, but rather than expect them, we would try to get them, educating and training the future.
The intent of the 2Lei initiatives was always to create, day after day, a new brick to build a world fit for individual without distinction, nor prevarication, but based on positive feelings.
The research of these good feelings gave many results: three musicians of the real world donated 2 songs to the committee.
Musician Fabio Tettoni treated the song “Libera” of which he is the author of lyrics and music, with arrangements by Gianni Raschiatore.
The song “Per le donne” by Gangsta Dà feat DudeMc was donated by David Mirrione – aka Gangsta Dà – and Matt Stango – in art DudeMc – authors of music and lyrics.–N1__DXE
You can hear these two songs in the audio stream, alternating with various versions of the song “Break the chain” the worldwide main theme of “One Billion Rising”.
One more thing: have a good visit, do not forget to click on the photos of Paola Mills and participate in the hunt!

Then I was off to the exhibit called “Media: Creating Fashion Empires” by Lybra Rage.

SL11B 3_012

There are soooo many exhibitors to see! I am sure it will take me every day of the two weeks the celebration is on to see it all.  The Exhibitor’s Page is super handy so do use it to help you get around.

SL11B 3_014

I took the pod tour at the end of this very busy day and loved it.  It is a great way to just sit back and let it take you across all the sims.  It gives you a lil info on each exhibit as you pass and is definitely worth at least one ride.  I foresee many rides on the pod tour over the next couple weeks to make sure I really see it all.

Thank you for reading!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!

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