FashionArt Sneak Peek


Hello Readers!

FashionArt will be opening this Friday, May 9th and the sneak peeks have been pouring in!  I have a few to show you today to pique your interest.  Start saving those Lindens!

FashionART 1

First up is a sexy lil number by Modas Second called Diva. It is available in not only white, but black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red.

FashionART 2

Then we have a casual chic maxi dress by Delirium Style (D-Style).  It is called the Monet Maxi and comes in a few styles.  I am wearing “Sunset” and the lil vest is separate (from the maxi, but included) and comes with a color change hud. The Monet Maxi is also available in Syrin, Summer, Storm, Soft Rose, Sky, Night, Moss, Midnight, Haze, Forest, Fog, Dawn, and Cloud.


Sundaara Designs brings us this Andy Warhol inspired dress appropriately named “Andy.” I am wearing it in sun, but it is also available in purple, pink, blue, and black.

FashionArt DeadPool

My last sneak peek for you is by DEADPOOL.  This is the “Down Under Art Geko” dress.  I rather enjoyed the high waist and tea-length hemline.  DEADPOOL offers this dress in a few variations, all quite unique.

I will have more for you soon.  Thanks for reading!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso

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