Item Of The Week ~ Armour

Surreal Musings

…You put on your armour, you put up defenses…

IOTW - Armor - liat-Reina

Its a new week and a new item was announced on Friday, Armour!  I spent many years in Gor so I figured this would be very easy.  Then again, most of my inventory is a bit out of date in this category so I set about mixing and matching to craft my presentation for this feature.  A little something old, a little something new… and then I was off to the Blood Oaks Forest to capture some images.


Hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Vida

Outfit ~ ED – Thrive – Umber (Shirt, Shoulders, Biceps, & Belt)

*League* Nyx Corset -Leather- Dust

ViGo – Leather Armor brown (Bracers)

*{ SeVered GarDeN }* Cicci – sky (Pant & Shoes)

Pose ~ <<ge>> smooth std2 (Above)

SeVeredPOSE*Set4-F (Middle)

SeVeredPOSE*Set6-E (Below)

IOTW - Armor - The Guard

I was enchanted by the lush forest surrounding the towering keep of Blood Oak Forest and I…

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