Isle of Mousai

Surreal Musings

…Creativity needs only a canvas…

Isle of Mousai Stage

It would be hard not to feel inspiration while wandering the streets and path ways of the Isle of Mousai.  From the moment you land beside the stunning and slightly dilapidated stage, you have the sense that the whole sim is just waiting for you to unleash your imagination.  There are spaces for almost any mood you could wish to express.

Isle of Mousai Vista Cinema

From hidden spaces to share a quiet moment with special friends…

Isle of Mousai Cafe Sidewalk

To quaint city streets perfect to indulge in casual conversation or private reflection…

Isle of Mousai Woodland Tower

To breathtaking natural sanctuaries perfect for reflection… and so much more.  There are also gritty alleyways, magical buildings and whimsical aerial additions such as zeppelins soaring over it all.  I spent only a little time appreciating the beauty of this location and I will definitely be returning for more soon and encourage a visit to all.


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