Strawberry’s Practical Jokes Meme

Hello Readers!

Strawberry’s latest meme is on practical jokes.  To be honest I am not much of a practical jokester.  I can appreciate the creative and ingenious things pulled off by others, but generally I am not the one responsible.  I tend not to enjoy being the target of them either.  And since I am very much a “do unto others…” sort of person I tend to refrain from anything crazy.  So with that being said I do have my “silly” moments and usually only those closest to me get to see them and are subject to them.  It was ironic that Strawberry would have this be the theme of her meme when only days before it I was laughing over my latest around of silliness.  I had myself and those close to me laughing so much over it I did share it on my Facebook and now Strawberry has given me a much larger audience!  Thanks Strawberry!

I am a blogger for several Second Life designers (as are many of us) and I am often amazed by the wonderful boxes items come in.  I surely am not the only one who after rezzing something to unpack it thinks “Ooooo!  What a lovely box!” and takes a few moments to decide if she might use that lovely box as a decoration or accessory.  Kate McLaglen of the StoraxTree actually caused the opposite reaction in me when I was unpacking some of her blogger boxes.  I rezzed one and it was a very real looking PERSON.  I was like “WHAT THE?!?!”  It creeped me the heck out.  I went on to unpack a few more to find TWO MORE even CREEPIER people!  After staring at my screen in shock for some time…then picking them up to stop creeping myself out, then rerezzing them to see if they were really all that creepy, I decided I HAD to share them in some way.

My dear friend Nariko Okawa has lived with me on my sim ever since she returned to SL and I love having her there.  She often hangs out in the one room of my far too large house that I reside in and have furnished.  She said she was going to bed, but failed to log her avi out.  I, being in the final days of my long winter break, had been staying up until crazy o’clock and this one night of the creepy StoraxTree people was no exception.  Since Nariko unwisely left herself afk in my room I felt she MUST meet my Storax Friends!  So now I present Silly pranking Nariko!

First I surrounded Nariko with my new friends so she was sure to see them when she came back to her keyboard.  Oh and I photobombed my own picture.  I wish I would have used my Anypose to animate my face to match my RL expression as I was dying laughing.

I left my new friends there to keep Nariko company and logged for bed.  I woke up to an offline from her “Nariko Okawa: FUCK! *scared me!*” and logged in to find she had redirected my new friends at me and had them waiting for me at my favorite place to sit in my room…my pose stand!

After Nariko and I spent HOURS laughing about this off and on, Nariko decided our new friends wanted to visit my sis Liat who has a home across the sim. So she escorted our friends over there and positioned them to meet Liat.

So we waited for Liat to notice and it took her some time.  She finally did notice just before she was going to log and said this to me:

ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): Ok, have a good night and … why do you have a prim person hiding behind the door in my place?
Ƥrisilla (silly.avro): lol
Ƥrisilla (silly.avro): there is a story there
Ƥrisilla (silly.avro): you sure there is only one?
Ƥrisilla (silly.avro): 😉
ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): It totally just freaked me out
Ƥrisilla (silly.avro): LOL
ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): omg
ⓛίαŁ (liat.reina): what did you do to my place?

So that was my most recent bout of silliness and by far one of the best.  I love Nariko and Liat for being such good sports about it.  After it was all said and done I picked up my Storax Tree friends and tucked them back into my inventory.  I found I missed them a day or so later so they came back out and I set up one of Kate’s home decor items.  I cracked Nariko up again when she saw them.  She pointed out the gals in straight jackets can’t play pool.  I told her I knew that which is why the school girl is in charge.

My StoraxTree Friends!

(click photo to enlarge)

storax tree friends_002

Storax Tree items:

Billiards Table B – Racked balls and cue

Modern Rug 208

Blogger Boxes:

StoraxTree Surviving Holidays Blogger Pack  10/22-28 (straight jacket girl)

StoraxTree School Blogger Bag 11/12 – 11/19 (school girl)

StoraxTree Crazy Holidays Bag 12/10-12/16 (straight jacket girl – holiday edition)

Thanks for reading and happy pranking!


“I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one.”
― Marilyn Monroe

3 thoughts on “Strawberry’s Practical Jokes Meme

  1. I love your little stories lol. I am wayyyy to lazy after doing everything you gotta do to blog that I never feel like sharing much, enjoyed this ❤ I wanna come over sometime! We can play a game ❤

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