The Visionaire Which Started It All

I just have to share my sis’ new blog! I love it and I just know you will too!

Surreal Musings

…And to everything, there is a beginning…

For me, that beginning came from both an obvious source as well as one more unexpected, but isn’t that a wonderful start of the story?  This blog exists almost entirely because of my dear friend and soul’s sister, Prisilla S. Avro who has shared so much of her journey with me that I found it impossible not to embark on this with her as well.  At a later day I will devote an entire post to my beloved Silly or as I like to call her, JLo Banks.  For the time being, I will simply share that she has long been an avid blogger and her passion for it as well as the joy she derives from the process finally won over my reservations.

A more unforeseen impetus arrived in the form of the multitalented and indomitable Nariko Okawa.  I have the…

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