Cotton Candy

Hello Readers!

Gosh it has been a while.  December does that to me, and this time both SL and RL were keeping me on the go!  I am back now though and just in time to share a couple brand new releases with you!

I have loved Dead Dollz since I first saw it at AVENUE’s Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2013.  I used the gown I bought there as the base for my flamenco look which was shot by the wonderful Pam Astonia.  I coupled it with the top of yet another wonderful Dead Dollz gown and some Donna Flora.  I joined the Dead Dollz VIP group on sight and soon got a group gift, which I styled and shot as well.  I was thrilled to be a part of the 2Lei event that raised money to combat violence against women and made a rather large donation getting a one of a kind Dead Dollz gown. Sadly I haven’t had a chance to style it for a blog post, but you can see it here in one of Kiddo’s Flickr shots.  I had been planning on applying as a blogger with Dead Dollz and had gotten to talking to Kiddo at the auction and she added me!  I was thrilled!  So here is my first post as an official Dead Dollz blogger!  Thank you Kiddo! ❤

7DS_DD_frontThis fun gown is called “CottonCandy.”  I was inspired by it immediately and got out my HopScotch pose and prop set called “Candy Fluff” which Chandni had created for the Candy Fair that wasn’t long ago.  Kiddo created this gown for a Christmas event called The Wonka Event created by her good friend Katiuscia Vollmar, owner of K.V Dream Fashion Agency. The event consists of a Wonka themed store in which each designer will be selling an exclusive Willy Wonka related item, the Wonka Hunt, and the Wonka Fashion Show.  She created “CottonCandy” as her exclusive contribution to the fashion show that will take place on December 19th at 1.00 PM SLT. All the creations on the catwalk will be sold with a special 50% discount for the duration of the event only. They will then be available in main stores at regular prices. Here is your ride to the show!

7DS_DD_closeAs we take a closer look I have on a lovely new release from 7 Deadly S{k}ins called “Magdalena.”  To add to the look I have on hair by Exile called “Bad Reputation Natural Fusion 2” and jewelry by Cae called “Synergy” available at the Accessories Fair.

7DS_DD_backI had to continue the fun with this look by showing you the back of this gown…and drop my cotton candy in the process!  I love the fun Chandni puts into her poses!  I am on location at The Arcade as I was there recently after the crowds had dissipated and was amazed to see the sim in person as opposed to camming the machines from the galley. -laughs-

Oh and I have on a new shape for a special project I am involved in.  I will be using it when blogging for 7 Deadly S{k}ins.  I love how this shape and Izara’s work comes together. Because I am silly, I have named this alter ego “Silvia.” -chuckles-  I will be introducing you to yet another very special alter ego tomorrow!  Yay!

Thank you for reading!  As always, please visit my SLurls page for your shopping needs!


“You are sweetness and light. Human cotton candy.”
― Myra McEntire, Timepiece

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