Happy Halloween

Hello Readers!

By the time many of you read this you would have already had your Halloween festivities…for those of you who partake.  I had not planned on a Halloween post as I am not hugely into Halloween myself.  I have to admit that Halloween in SL was a blast though, the most fun I have had on a Halloween in a long time.  I think I prefer the ease of dressing up my avatar over having to do it for real!

But I digress.  The inspiration for this Halloween themed post was a wonderful VIP gift from Dead Dollz.  They are my newest favorite designer.  I fell in love with one of their gowns from AVENUE’s Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Week and you will get to see just which one once Pam Astonia has finished my recent photos (no rush Pam! xo).  So after I styled for that shoot I joined the Dead Dollz VIP group and got this lovely Halloween gown from Kiddo Oh.  I was intrigued when it turns out she puts out challenges to her VIPs to use her gown in photos that tell a story of some kind.  Here is the text of her most recent challenge:

“Amata Immortale is a beautiful white gown made with soft silky feathers… but, apparently, something terrible has happened to it… and to the woman who was wearing it….
What’s the story behind this gown??
Who knows it?.. Maybe you… Take a pic to tell the story of the unfortunate Amata Immortale. You can add your pics to the “Show Your Dead Dollz Style” Flickr group or send me a full perms copy of the pic (1024×1024) inworld for a chance to win 2000L$ in store credit and 2000L$ in cash.
I can’t wait to see what your little twisted minds can come up with, but remember, you have to tell a story.

Best shoots will be displayed in a slideshow at the entrance of the store.
Entries deadline November, 5th.”

(click photo to enlarge)

immortale_015e2My Story:

It was supposed to be her night.  She had played it all out in her mind, confident it would be the outcome.  She would be crowned the Beauty of the Ball, but when that didn’t happen, they all paid the price.

~ Amata Immortale ~

S T Y L E     C A R D

gown > Amata Immortale Gown by Dead Dollz

gloves > [Belgravia] Jessamine Gloves – Ruby Leather

hair > TRUTH HAIR Faye

mascara > – DAMNED – Mascara Tears / Mixed

lips > smudgenoeyes by Ellie Criss

gun > [Warhead Industries] Beretta 92 [V2.0]

pose > Crystal 7 by Posesion

location > Calas Halloween Pavilion 2013


“Fear not death for the sooner we die, the longer we shall be immortal.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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