Maxi Gossamer’s Black Widow Spider

Hello Readers!

Yesterday was a rather exciting day for me in SL for a few reasons, but the one I wanted to blog about today was getting to meet Maxi Gossamer.

I have blogged her things a few times before and have gushed about how much I love them. As I was styling for the “Sinner” blog post, Maxi opens up group chat and announces that she was having an impromptu Buy One Get One free (BOGO) event.  Of course I dropped what I was doing to go see and dragged my sis Liat along (which wasn’t hard, she loves Maxi too).  The requirement to the BOGO was to come by the store and say hello to Maxi, buy an item then notecard the transaction and hand her that notecard  along with an item of hers for equal or lesser value to get for free.  I was so indecisive!  I paced the store and cammed the store and couldn’t make up my mind.  There were so many people there that I neglected to notice that Maxi was indeed sitting in the middle of her store.  I did stop to say hello and she loved my Sinner styling.  Not only did I get to meet a SL fashion celebrity, she liked my styling!  I was thrilled.  She approved of my styling so much she gave me the jewelry I am blogging about right now… (Thank you Maxi!)

(click photos to enlarge)

MG Aracnid_002eI am wearing Maxi Gossamer‘s Black Widow earrings, necklace and bracelets.  She has an awesome 50% off sale going on her Halloween items so if you don’t have them you should get right over there!

MG Aracnid_003eI just adore the detail of Maxi’s work.

MG Aracnid_004e

I am also wearing a the Dory Corset that is a gacha item for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, going on all month long and closing on October 31st.  It is by On A Lark, and comes in a variety of colors, and has two additional pieces I am not wearing in my photos…a strap and a hood.

For the info about my skin and hair, please see my previous post.

Thanks for reading!


“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps,
but still attached to life at all four corners.”
― Virginia Woolf

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