Fantasy Gacha Carnival: JunBug & Sax Shepherd Designs

Fantasy Gacha Carnival HalloweenHello Readers!

I am back with another teaser for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival that is opening up on October 1st.  I have been very impressed by all the wonderful items being created by the group of talented designers who are taking part.  This Carnival is one not to be missed!  Today I will spotlight the offerings from JunBug and Sax Shepherd.

(click photos to enlarge)

FGC 92213_005dress > *{Junbug}* The Queen Gown in Blood Red (RARE)

parasol > *{Junbug}* The Queen’s Parasol (ULTRA RARE)

FGC 92213_003

FGC 92213_004headpiece > ! !SSD ~ Gatcha ~ Witch Circlet ~ Wilhelmina

tippet > *{Junbug}* Snow Princess Fur Tippet in Black (RARE)

When I slipped into this gown and tippet it just spoke of winter royalty to me.  Sax Shepherd’s Witch Circlet is exquisite and really completed the look.  The gown is wonderfully textured, as is the tippet.  I just had to include the ultra rare parasol.  You may or may not be like me, but I will use a parasol whenever I can.  Sun, rain, or snow!  Though honestly it doesn’t snow much where I live, but if it did and it wasn’t a blizzard I would certainly use a parasol!  Besides, the beauty of this parasol made it a must see.  I hope you are saving up your Lindens, because there are many wonderful things to buy at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Thank you for reading!

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

Carnival Website

Carnival Flickr

“Winter is coming.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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