Kastle Rock Couture

Hello again readers!

Today I would like to share with you the styling I put together as an entry into the Kastle Rock Model Casting. I am sure I must have mentioned at some point that I love the funky?  No?  Well I do.  I love funky…the GOOD kind. *grins*  So when I was shopping Kastle Rock I came across this jumpsuit and I HAD to have it.  So here I am in the fabulously fierce and funky jumpsuit, on the new role play sim of Wendigo Lake that I learned about from a blog I enjoy reading called Cait’s World.  I know I have mentioned that role play is a passion of mine.  On this shoot I reconnected with Jon Vetrinari (effluvium) and became involved with his role play beta, along with my sister Liat, who I met in role play years ago.  Needless to say it was a lovely shoot…my sis taking the photos, talking to Jon about what he had in mind for Wendigo Lake, then signing up for his beta.  Liat and I (on one of my role play alts) role play there regularly.  Though, Liat is there much more than I am at the moment as I catch up on my blogging and write my articles for AVENUE.

So that was a HUGE tangent!  Back to Kastle Rock!  Here is my contest entry with the details of it immediately following.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Photograph by Liat Reina
Photograph by Liat Reina

hair > >TRUTH< Petra w/Roots – espresso

eye shadow > Zibska – Revvie ~ Berry

eyeliner & eyelashes > Pink Acid Eyelashes & Metallic Eyeliner – Pink/White

jewelry > Maxi Gossamer – Aphrodite’s Dream

lipstick > [mock]Hypershine Lipcolor [lip 2]Old Rose

jumpsuit > Kastle Rock – Chica Jumpsuit

shoes > _CandyDoll_ Oxygen Magneta (Slink required)

Liat snapped many wonderful photos and I had to share them with you as well. As I had previously written, Maxi Gossamer is a personal favorite of mine, so it is no surprise I would use more of her jewelry in this styling.  I love the way her jewelry photographs.  The quality and versatility of her designs keeps me coming back for more!

Photograph by Liat Reina
Photograph by Liat Reina

The poses used in these photos are Slouch.  I just love Eira’s work!  The poses were from her most resent sets that she created for The 24. (Sets 25, 26, and 27.)

Photograph by Liat Reina
Photograph by Liat Reina

In the shot below you can see a bit of the nail polish I am wearing.  It is {MUA}’s Pois Colors Slink Nail applier.  I really enjoy the vibrant colors of Shanty’s work, and the detail on this polish goes beautifully with the Kastle Rock Chica Jumpsuit.

Photograph by Liat Reina
Photograph by Liat Reina

A special thanks to my sis Liat, for all her support on my fashion adventures as well as for her photography skills!  The Kastle Rock contest is officially closed now and I await the result with fingers crossed!

Thank you for reading!

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

I’m competitive with myself. I always try to push past my own borders.
-Tyra Banks

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