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Hello Readers!

I have missed you!  It has been a whole SIX DAYS since I blogged last!  I know for some bloggers that isn’t much, but I rather enjoyed blogging every few days…blogging is one of my creative outlets.  And lets not forget to mention all the blogger goodies from my sponsors that I am itching to share with you!

I was insanely busy with the Style Kingdom Magazine final casting and writing scripts for the AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2013.  I hope you all are taking in the amazing shows of AVENUE Fashion Week…and hitting that retail gallery.  It has stunning styles for residents of all kinds.

On to the final results of the Style Kingdom Magazine casting.  I am happy to say that I made a strong showing overall, but in the end it wasn’t enough to place in the top three.  Needless to say I was disappointed, but such is SL modeling.  You can’t win them all, and there will be disappointments along the way, but there will also be triumphs. I am thrilled to have the experience and enjoyed meeting the judges.  There will be another casting later in the year, and I’ve decided I will have another go.

The final challenge was Futuristic Avant Garde and this one really challenged me.  I had three different looks put together, but I will only show you the last two, the first one was way too crazy for me to post a photo of. *laughs*

(click photos to enlarge)

Look 2 – Sexy Cyber

sk final v2_001dress > Graves – G451 Dress with Latex

boots > [Neurolab Inc.] Activa II Electro Black

sk final v2_002headpiece > Violator-Capriccio di Signora-Red Lack-Hair Helmet

earrings > Violator-Capriccio di Signora-Red Lack-earrings

choker > Violator-Capriccio di Signora-Red Lack-Choker

eyeshadow > Miamai_BL Makeup_Chod Collection Eyeshadow 02

lips> Miamai_BL Makeup_Chod Collection Lips 01

skin > .la petite morte. quinn t2b bare CL RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) **OPENS OCTOBER 1st**

I ended up vetoing this one because it didn’t seem Avant Garde enough.

Look 3 – Used in the final casting

Futuristic Avant Garde_001dress > FK! – Omini Dress by Frost Kit

boots > [NeurolaB Inc.] Fatality Electro Anima

Futuristic Avant Garde_002hair > [sYs] NIKITA hair Rigged mesh – Black/Steel Neon

eyes > :[P]:-Haunt Collection-Glas by Plastik

skin > ONYRICA female +FGInc.+ Anima by Fallen Gods

necklace > Finesmith Lulu’s Melody necklace

bracelets > Maxi Gossamer – Bangle – Athena – SILVER

nails > Candy nail #P006 Long Prim Violet

After Googling images of Futuristic Avant Garde fashion I felt my styling mimicked what I saw. In the end the other contestants had a bit more going on than I did and made me recognize that I may play it safe more than I would like.  I need to push the envelope a bit and not go completely off the deep end.

Please visit my new SLurls page for all the links to the items credited. As always, thank you for reading.  If you would like to see the full results of the casting, click here.

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

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Hello Readers!

I LOVE the fall.  I live in a pretty hot climate, and when the fall comes it is sooooo welcome! Today’s post pulls a bit of that in, along with my love of reading.

I am spotlighting a few of my sponsors in today’s post and I love how it came together.  It all started with the Harry Potter themed scarf from Kit Jefes of A Touch of Whimsy.  I got to meet this designer personally and it is clear she enjoys what she does.  I even posed for her ad, though I doubt any would recognize me!  I personally adore Harry Potter and think it is superb children’s literature.  As a role player I was thrilled to role play on a Harry Potter themed sim for a time.  I even wrote about it for AVENUE! (See my Writing Portfolio page and the Mischief Managed link.)

My idea behind this look was the cozy feel of fall curled up with a favorite book…or books.  Kit’s scarf was perfect with this comfy top from Tee*Fy, and some awesome new skinny jeans from Romy Dash of Marshmallows. She offers the jeans in three styles…birdy, flower, and star. Oh and I of course had to sport my Slink hands and feet.  Thanks to Shanty Bookmite of {MUA} I rarely take them off!  I am decked out in Hufflepuff yellow of course, the house I played a part of when I role played in Mischief Managed.

HP_001Featured Items:

::ATOW:: Hoggies Closet Scarf [Four Houses]  *SECRET RARE* (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

::Marshmallows::Star Skinny Jeans

{MUA} – Slink Nails HUD – Matte Intense Colors

other items:

hair > >TRUTH< Enisa w/Roots – chocolate

top > Tee*fy Turtle Neck Basic Sweater Grey (@ September Collabor88)

hands & feet > Slink

scene > W. Winx & Flair – WinxBox – FIMA back wall (@Flowers in my Attic)

A Touch of Whimsy has soooo much gacha goodness at the carnival!  This ad below is only a sampling!  Kit is offering quite the array of scarves as well.

__ATOW__ The Hoggies Wizarding Set

And here is a better look at the colors {MUA} has to offer in their Matte Intense color nail appliers.

{MUA} - Slink Nails HUD -Matte Intense ColorsAs always thank you for reading!  Be sure to put the Fantasy Gacha Carnival on your SL calendar, you really won’t want to miss it!  It runs October 1 through October 31st.

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Fantasy Gacha Carnival: JunBug & Sax Shepherd Designs

Fantasy Gacha Carnival HalloweenHello Readers!

I am back with another teaser for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival that is opening up on October 1st.  I have been very impressed by all the wonderful items being created by the group of talented designers who are taking part.  This Carnival is one not to be missed!  Today I will spotlight the offerings from JunBug and Sax Shepherd.

(click photos to enlarge)

FGC 92213_005dress > *{Junbug}* The Queen Gown in Blood Red (RARE)

parasol > *{Junbug}* The Queen’s Parasol (ULTRA RARE)

FGC 92213_003

FGC 92213_004headpiece > ! !SSD ~ Gatcha ~ Witch Circlet ~ Wilhelmina

tippet > *{Junbug}* Snow Princess Fur Tippet in Black (RARE)

When I slipped into this gown and tippet it just spoke of winter royalty to me.  Sax Shepherd’s Witch Circlet is exquisite and really completed the look.  The gown is wonderfully textured, as is the tippet.  I just had to include the ultra rare parasol.  You may or may not be like me, but I will use a parasol whenever I can.  Sun, rain, or snow!  Though honestly it doesn’t snow much where I live, but if it did and it wasn’t a blizzard I would certainly use a parasol!  Besides, the beauty of this parasol made it a must see.  I hope you are saving up your Lindens, because there are many wonderful things to buy at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Thank you for reading!

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

Carnival Website

Carnival Flickr

“Winter is coming.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Style Kingdom Magazine Casting: Styling Challenge #3

Hello Readers!

I have to say I LOVED the third styling challenge issued by Style Kingdom.  The theme was Gareth Pugh winter inspired.  We were given this video to watch: Gareth Pugh Autumn Winter 2013 Runway Collection. I was completely entranced. I lost track of how many times I watched the video, taking in every bit of it, and then madly searching SL for anything remotely similar.  To all the designers out there, I would LOVE a jacket in the style of any of the ones in the video.  I looked all over SL for one like those that dominated the runway in that show, and sadly none could be found. However, I did find a lovely jacket that helped me pull off a Gareth Pugh inspired winter look.

(click photos to enlarge)

pugh2_002 dress > Paper Couture – Victoria in black

pugh_003jacket > [sYs] MORPHEO – jacket F (black)

gloves > .Shi : Fingerless Gloves [Female] *RARE* @ The September Arcade

pugh_002hair > (red)Mint Hair No.14’13 ~ Black

eyeshadow > Zibska – EmilyTries ~ Black

lipstick > [mock] Mizu Chrome Lip Gloss (1) (Lip only)

On the whole I did well on the challenge. (You can see the results here.) The judges were very complimentary in their comments.  SL however seemed to think a “noob” turn would compliment the look, and the judges disagreed, costing me some valuable points.  I am disappointed that an SL glitch would cost me points, but what’s done is done. I am still in good standing with the judges and I look forward to the final challenge!

As always, thank you for reading!

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

“The struggle between lightness and darkness”

– Gareth Pugh on his designs

Charltina’s and {MUA}

Hello Readers!

Today I bring you a vibrant look from Charltina’s and {MUA}.  I loved this lil dress…it made me think the 60’s…I wasn’t around then, but it was pretty fabulous, so that is the approach I took with my look.  {MUA} has just come out with some wonderful tricolored lipsticks and they went very well with this outfit.

(click photos to enlarge)

Lady C Silks 2_003dress > [Charltina’s] Silk Dreams 34 Dress

hair > [LeLutka]-LIVELY hair – Pitch

Lady C Silks 2_005

I of course had to try to sneak my hand into the shot so you could see the nails.  Another {MUA} creation.  I am loving my Slink hands so much!  And {MUA}’s nail appliers make that even moreso!

lipstick > {MUA} – Lipstick – Tricolor – Purple

necklace > Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Solar  Peace

nails > {MUA} – Slink Nails HUD – Pois Colors

Lady C Silks 2_004

And here are my feet!  One {MUA} Slink nail applier and your fingers and toes are covered!  CandyDoll is quickly becoming my favorite Slink shoe maker, so here I am again in some hot CandyDoll shoes to show off my fun {MUA} toes!

shoes > _CandyDoll_ Oxygen – Magneta

toe nails > {MUA} – Slink Nails HUD – Pois Colors

Thank you for reading!

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

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Style Kingdom Magazine Casting: Styling Challenge #2

Hello Readers!

I just wanted to share with you what I did for my 2nd styling challenge for Style Kingdom Magazine.  I am working on the 3rd challenge now, but I won’t share what it is or show any photos until the casting for it is done.  Challenge #2 was film noir.  What stuck out to me about the description of the challenge was “low-key black and white.”  So I avoided doing anything too glamorous and went for simple elegance instead.

film noir_003

hat > !*Bliss Couture*! Stephanie Hat – Noir

hair > (Chemistry) Hair – Vines – Reds – Crimson

eyeliner > {MUA} – Eyeliner – monochrom – black

eyelashes > ::BeetleBones:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)

lipstick > [mock] L’eau Lip Gloss [Russian Red] [Nalia]

earring > [ glow ] studio – Pearl Studs

necklace > Paper Couture – Bijou Pearls – White

ring >  Paper Couture – The Envy Ring – Silver

hands > Slink

nail polish > Action Slink Nails Essentials HUD V2 by Action

film noir_004

dress > SUGAR Vintage Vixen Pinup Dress

purse > Mentine TYCOON Soft Leather Pochette – Black

stockings > *LOW* Seamed lace stockings (black)

shoes > N-core COQUETTE “Black”

film noir_005

I enjoyed my look very much and thought I was pretty clever in bringing in a splash of red with my hair, lips and nails.  I also LOVE these seemed stockings I have and thought they really made the outfit.  Unfortunately for me, the judges did not enjoy my styling this time as much as they enjoyed my first.  You can see the results here.  However, I am still in good standing going into the 3rd challenge and I hope to make the top ten…and then onto the final challenge!  Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading!

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

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7 Deadly S{k}ins

Hello Readers!

I am sure 7 Deadly S{k}ins isn’t new to all of you, but it is to me!  I saw a notice in one of my many groups about this skin maker.  I enjoy broadening my knowledge base of designers, so I opened the attachment and had a look.  I really liked what I saw, so I had to join their group and pick up the group gift to see for myself what their skins would look like on me.  Turns out they had a new skin coming out as well called “Greed.”  If you are an avid blog reader like me, you have probably read about it and seen it on a few other blogs already.  It came out on Friday the 13th, and in celebration of that, the designer (Izara Zuta) also made available all her past group gifts along with a special version of Greed for her VIPs!  So the following images are Silly in different shades of S{k}ins!

7 deadly skins_001

Here I am in the group gift for May.  I look so fresh faced and young!  “Tina” from D!va (@ Collabor88) really completed the youthful look.  I had to be sure to get a photo with my hand in it as Izara offers Slink appliers…and Lola appliers, and booty appliers!  I LOVE skin makers that offer appliers.  That makes my second life SO much easier!  I feel compelled to say I have no need of Lola or booty appliers, but for those of you out there that enjoy a bit more curve to your avi, 7 Deadly S{k}ins has you covered!

7 deadly skins june_001

Up next is Silly in June.  Tanned skin tones are much more me, and this one had something else I enjoy.  Imperfections!  I love freckles and moles and the realness they bring to skins. Since I hit Collabor88 around this same time I had to include another hair from there.  This one is Clawtooth: Je t’aime – Hot Chocolate.

7 deadly skins july_002

Next of course would be July.  I love the smokey eye and even though the skin tone is a bit light for me, it is still very lovely.  The hair is Clawtooth: Merci beaucoup – Soil and available at Collabor88.

7 deadly skins august_001

Here we arrive at August.  This skin has a youthful feel to me as well.  Unlike May, August has the freckling I enjoy as well, and the color palette of the make-up is more earth-toned, another plus for me.  The hair is “Falling for You” in natural fusion 2 by Exile, also from this round of Collabor88.

7 deadly skins september_001

My hands make another appearance for September.  There is some light freckling on this skin and a different style of make-up.  The hair is “Where We Belong” in natural fusion 2 by Exile and can be found at this round of Collabor88.

7 deadly skins GREED_002

And finally we come to Greed!  I am wearing Greed skin B1 T3. This one captures all of what I enjoy most about a skin.  The tone I prefer, striking eye make – up, and moles…you can never have too many moles!  Izara goes out of her way to offer a wide array of options when it comes to her skins.  If you haven’t already been there, you should check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.  Oh and the hair I am wearing for this one is actually NOT from Collabor88!  It is “Gattina” in red05 by Truth.

As always, thank you for reading!

Prisilla (aka Silly Avro)

P.S.  I can’t resist saying I LOVE a catchy name, and I do hope that Izara won’t be stopping at only 7 skins… 😉

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