Oh Boy!

So here it is as promised…my dude avi make over!  Why do I have a dude avi?  Well I have a few avatars and they all have their reasons.  But my dude avi I made for my husband who logged in like once and was like “Meh.” *chuckles* So I have kept him around ( I never delete an avi, you never know when you could use it!) and have used him in role play here and there, but not majorly.  Micah started out hideous back when he was born as I had no talent for being a male in Second Life, but he has evolved over time.  I have learned a great deal over my nearly 6 years in SL and even more so as a model.  I had fun dusting Micah off and styling him up.  I read Berry’s blog this morning and took him over to the The Skin Shop and got him looking pretty handsome if I do say so myself!  Oh and his clothes were pretty lame so took him to Legal Insanity of course! 😀

Micah is wearing:
hair > [CheerNo] Hair_Danny D 3.1
hairbase > Entente – Juan
necklace > KOSH- MULTIPLEX NECKLACE (has a HUD to personalize!)
pants > Legal Insanity – pants w/suspenders (group gift)
tattoo > [U] Champion’s Trophy *Light* by iNFLiCT
eyes > .ID. Tropical Brights – Beach
pose > Posesion June Male Gift

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