What the….

So I get up from my desk and round the corner to my living room and…you guessed it… BAM!

LI Tease 2_003Another Legal Insanity Teaser!  What could this one possibly mean? It is even more perplexing than the ones that came before it!  My first thought was…Did the woman in the first ad give birth to THIS??  This latest tease has a curious melding of the previous ads…prominent breasts, a male figure, lollipops…What message is Datrip trying to convey?  Is his goal to drive me insane??  Is he coming out with a whole new line of fashion for a very particular audience?  Wait what does the print on the lollipop tag say? *squints at it and tips her head* The ribbon obscures some of it but it looks like ‘Stitch & Chic by Legal Insanity.’ What is ‘Stitch & Chic’?? Does the pink ‘t’ and ‘!’ have any significance? I am not sure my sanity can take much more of these curiosity tweaking teases!

Legal Insanity - teaser campaign #3

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