Bandana Fair (aka Hair Fair 2013)

Hair Fair 2013 is one of those MUST DO fashion events, and I had fully planned on attending.  I am only just getting started as an fashion blogger, so there were no advanced copies of any hair for me.  I don’t particularly enjoy fighting lag to shop, so I am one of those people who waits for the mad rush to die down so my avatar won’t be trampled by the stampede of fashionistas who must be the first to have the newest item.  I have seen a few posts from other bloggers about Hair Fair, and in particular about the bandanas made by them and sold for the benefit of Wigs for Kids.

It was the witty and creative post by Harper Beresford (click here for her post) that stopped me dead in my virtual tracks and got me to go to Hair Fair that very moment. I only crashed three times while I was there! 😉  But seriously, there is much to see there and many great hair designs.  I hunted first for the bandana room and once I found it I was impressed with the variety and creativity of those who created them. I spent the bulk of my time in that one room which is why the Hair Fair quickly became the Bandana Fair for me.  I didn’t buy them all, but I bought the ones that jumped out at me and thought I would spotlight them here.

Of course I sought out Harper’s first and was thrilled to find it.  I love the bright texture used in making it as well as the flower accent.

roseanne rosanna bandana_001
Roseanne Rosanna Bandana by Harper Beresford

Next I HAD to have all the cute lil animal bandanas by . a i s l i n g .  I spent so much time deliberating on which one I wanted that I just bought them all. It is for a good cause so why not??

aisling hyena bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Hyena/
aisling wolf bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Wolf/
aisling fox bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Fox/
aisling unicorn bandana_001
. a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Unicorn/

There was another cute animal bandana that I had to have. This one was by .blush.

.blush.! Buttons the Cat bandana_001
.blush.! Buttons The Cat Bandana by Athena Loring

Then there were the rather elegant ones.

ohmai bandana_001
!Ohmai: Hair Fair 2013 Bandana by Anya Ohmai
zaara bandana (black)_001
Bandana Day 2013 {Zaara} jeweled *black*
zaara bandana (white)_001
Bandana Day 2013 {Zaara} jeweled *white*

And finally there were some that I picked up because I really enjoyed the texture on them.

SLupergirls Bandana #2_001
SLuper Girls Bandana #2

W Winx Ginko Rum Pink Bandana_001
W. Winx – Gingko Rum Pink Bandana [Hair Fair 2013]
So in the end Hair Fair was Bandana Fair for me.  I did make my rounds and pick up many hair demos.  I plan on going back to pick a few of those new hairs up. As for my new collection of bandanas, I figure some may come in handy for costuming, and others as an accessory to aid me in my styling.  Either way I am happy to own some quality new additions to my accessory collection that go to support a great cause.

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