THE Silly Interview by Liat Reina

[The following is an article my dear friend Liat Reina wrote as a sample of her writing for her AVENUE application.  She chose me as her subject and I loved her work so much I had to publish it (with her permission of course).  Enjoy! – Silly ]

Writer, model, Meeroo mama; the list of accomplishments for Prisilla (silly.avro) goes on and on and there can be no doubt that she is as skilled as she is passionate in each.  A veteran of more than five years in Second Life®, she has taken advantage of many of the vast and varied interests the grid offers like many others.  That, however, is where her conformity ends.  Upon first meeting with the up and coming caramel skinned model, it becomes instantly apparent that she has her own vision.

While the majority of models which grace the signs in our stores and fill the pages of magazines have crafted beautiful looks, few have attempted to tackle the ethnic appearance of a proud Latina woman.  Prisilla on the other hand, has embraced her heritage and worked for hours to represent it proudly.  When asked who her fashion inspirations are she had the following to share, “I am Puerto Rican and I find that Tyra (Banks) and Jennifer (Lopez) appeal to me as a woman of color, not only in their unique styles, but in their well grounded attitudes about themselves, and their desire to help others.”

With the approach of the first anniversary of her hiring date as a writer for AVENUE magazine, she reflects upon her favorite aspects of working for AVENUE. “I would be remiss to not mention Xandrah Sciavo when I think about all the good things that AVENUE is.  She was the one who contacted me about an interview when I thought my application had long been discarded.  She and I hit it off from the moment the interview began and I found her to be quite representative of all the people I have met at AVENUE.

AVENUE is made up of real life people who love fashion and take what they do seriously, but do not take themselves too seriously.  Xandrah and Rusch took a chance on me…a quirky lil avatar that dressed as her name implied and who loved to write.  They welcomed me into their family and made me feel at home.”

Her enthusiasm for both her work and her employer are not only clearly evident in her conversations, but also infectious.  Miss Avro is not one to settle however, and after much encouragement from friends and peers she has begun classes with AVENUE Modeling Academy.  In taking a moment to consider what first drew her to fashion she shared so much. “I have always had a real life interest in fashion, but always felt it beyond my reach.  When I was 14 years old I was noticed by a model scout…  Sadly as my mother had warned me, it was far too costly for my family to afford, so the opportunity was not realized.  The memory of that excitement and ultimately of the disappointment has stayed with me to this day. Once I arrived in Second Life® I soon learned anything is possible here, that we are limited only by our imaginations.”

She goes on to discuss feeling that once again, this interest was unrealistic for her to pursue.  Between the cost of lessons and wardrobe as well as the skills with the viewer, she felt discouraged to try for her dream.  While she explored many other fulfilling past times, she later realized that her passion for fashion had not faded.  “I came to be a writer for AVENUE Magazine and hoped that I might be able to get my fashion fix from just that.  Well the fix turned into more of a strong desire to try my hand at modeling again…

It was Xandrah who encouraged me on several occasions to apply for AVENUE’s modeling academy…and to be honest I am not sure why.  She and I have had many conversations and I am sure I must have expressed my interest in modeling, and she never let that go.  She would encourage me when I least expected it, from praising my writing to encouraging a modeling career.  She has been a blessing and an inspiration and without her encouragement I would not be as far along in my modeling journey as I am today.

I feel fashion is one of many creative outlets available to all of us.  I may not be a skilled artist in terms of drawing or painting, but I can express myself in the written word, as well as how I choose to style myself. “

There can be no doubt that she has a natural talent for her new pursuit.  Her first assignment, to create a personal fashion statement, gave birth to what she calls “Barrio Chic”.  This look perpetuates her desire to express her own unique vision in a world that can be predominantly black and white.  It was met with rave reviews from peers and instructors alike.

What is “Barrio Chic” you might ask?  A look that is certain to appear in many prominent fashion periodicals in the near future.  Until that time however, Prisilla describes her signature look in her own words.
“I came to modeling wanting to represent.  It is so easy to be Caucasian here, I wanted to be sure to present myself as the Latina I am.  Creating that look in SL is a challenge, but I feel I have achieved it.  Barrio Chic, is my version of “Ghetto Fabulous.”  Barrio Chic has sabor…a Latin flavor…it is bold and bright, edgy and fun, daring and colorful…and always Latina.”

Her dedication to styling the perfect combination of a designer’s work with her own accents so that every outfit reflects her own style leaves little doubt that she has a promising future ahead of her.  In closing she took some time to expound on what her long term goals are for her modeling career.
“I want to work.  I want to live the dream.  I want to go to castings and get as much of the experience of modeling as I can.  I want to grow and improve, I want to experience all that Second Life® modeling has to offer.  I want to be successful in print and on the runway.  This is a whole new adventure for me in my Second Life® and I am excited to begin the journey and look forward to where it will take me.”

While only time will tell what will develop for this promising new presence in the couture crowd, one thing is certain.  She will make her own unique mark on the world of Second Life® and virtual fashion.  Her journey has had a powerful beginning and it will be both inspiring and exciting to watch her progress toward becoming a well known name in the industry.  In true “Barrio Chic” fashion, Prisilla (silly.avro) sums it up best.  “Vamanos!!”

Barrio Casual

In the spirit of my personal fashion statement…Barrio Chic…I put together this casual Barrio look.

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~ Styling ~

Hair: Truth, Magdalena

Earrings: Mandala, Senjyu Africa

Sweater: .:MS:. Shoulder Sweater – El dia de los muertos

Bracelets: Zaara, Ramya Wood Bangle

Leggings: DCNY, Lace-Up Leggings, Wheat

Shoes: Gos, Storm Sandal, Black Leather


New Photo Studio!

Ok, so now that I am an AVENUE Model Trainee, I need my very own home photo studio right?? 😉  Well probably not, but I always did want to get better at photos, and my bestie enjoys taking photos and styling me so why not invest in a photo studio for she and I to play with?  Here are some initial photos I took with it.  I am sure my bestie will learn it for us and explain it to me. I am not slow, just lazy and impatient at times. 😉

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A Model is Born

It’s official, Silly is now an AVENUE Model Trainee!  I had my first class and it was thoroughly enjoyable.  I love learning and look forward to the classes and experiences ahead.

Based on critique I was given and helpful hints by my fairy god-model, I created the following look for myself as I venture into the world of Second Life modeling.

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The outfit I am wearing is by {Liv-Glam} and was purchased during the AVENUE Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013.