As I have become more of a fashion shopper in SL, I have noticed the clever ways designers package their items.  I am now feeling inspired to give props to some of the more creative.  For the most part I have found my purchases come in shopping bags, which is not only cute, but appropriate.  After a round of 50 Linden Friday or a visit to The Dressing Room, I like to imagine myself spreading out all the bags and boxes over my bed and trying everything on, twirling like a silly girl (pun intended) and squealing with the enjoyment of another wonderful purchase to enhance my Second Life.

After my most recent visit to The Dressing Room, I purchased a pair of pants from *BOOM* and went to unpack them to find this was their packaging…


I thought the toy gun with the lil flag coming out of the barrel was one of the more clever packaging ideas and just had to take a photo of it.  On a side note, the pants I am wearing in this photo are not the *BOOM* ones I unpacked, I was just so taken with the packaging I had to photograph it!

HAIR: Truth London w/Roots Toast

TOP: Miel Playa Top Solid Neutral

PANTS: Drift Saturday Capris Striped

BRACELETS: A&Ana Fashion Jewellery Pus Glamour Bracelet

FEET: *GA* Flat Bare Feet

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