As I have become more of a fashion shopper in SL, I have noticed the clever ways designers package their items.  I am now feeling inspired to give props to some of the more creative.  For the most part I have found my purchases come in shopping bags, which is not only cute, but appropriate.  After a round of 50 Linden Friday or a visit to The Dressing Room, I like to imagine myself spreading out all the bags and boxes over my bed and trying everything on, twirling like a silly girl (pun intended) and squealing with the enjoyment of another wonderful purchase to enhance my Second Life.

After my most recent visit to The Dressing Room, I purchased a pair of pants from *BOOM* and went to unpack them to find this was their packaging…


I thought the toy gun with the lil flag coming out of the barrel was one of the more clever packaging ideas and just had to take a photo of it.  On a side note, the pants I am wearing in this photo are not the *BOOM* ones I unpacked, I was just so taken with the packaging I had to photograph it!

HAIR: Truth London w/Roots Toast

TOP: Miel Playa Top Solid Neutral

PANTS: Drift Saturday Capris Striped

BRACELETS: A&Ana Fashion Jewellery Pus Glamour Bracelet

FEET: *GA* Flat Bare Feet

Striking a Pose

I have finally done it…I have officially applied for AVENUE’s Modeling Academy.  I have to laugh at my excitement about this.  Isn’t it every girl avatar’s dream to one day grow into a lovely Second Life model?? 😉

Seriously though, I enjoy experiencing all SL has to offer.  Modeling is one of those things I was always an outsider to, until now.  This time I happened to luck out and end up writing for AVENUE.  Thanks to the friendliness of the staff and especially that of Editor In Chief Xandrah Sciavo, I had the courage to apply.

So here is me getting my model on…having fun striking poses in Zenshi, home to AVENUE HQ as well as impressive homes and fabulous shopping. Most of what I am wearing was acquired from The Dressing Room and Fifty Linden Fridays. 🙂

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AVENUE Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week

Writing for AVENUE really is a treat for me, and when the call went out for some help with script writing for the S/S 2013 FW, I couldn’t resist.  I got to write the scripts for the Fendty, Loovus Dezvavor, and {TORN} shows.  While deadlines on the scripts were tight, I enjoyed the work of them.  I also got into the spirit of Fashion Week doing them, feeling more a part of the action, even if I never grace the runway.

Silly 040213

Indyra Originals is a long time favorite of mine and when I saw her items on display in the retail gallery I had to have a few.  This one is called Alais.

I was so inspired by the spirit of Fashion Week that I finally submitted my application to AVENUE’s Modeling Academy.  I have been in Second Life over 5 years and have always wanted to try my hand at modeling.  I have finally found just the right agency to do that with.  The people of AVENUE have been amazing since day one, and while I am just a quirky writer, they have made me feel at home.