Home Sweet Home

I fell in love with Designer Prims after being assigned to write about the architectural design of Elle Crescendo.  She was a pleasure to write about and was very generous in gifting me her newest build once the article was published.  I have held this home in my inventory since she gave it to me and merely pretended to live on her sim, enjoying her homes and styling.  I share a homestead and became rather bothered that I was not using it the way I wished.  So I cleared some prims and rezzed Elle’s lovely creation and decorated it with my favorite things…many of them from her store.  Here was the result!

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2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Thanks so much for your lovely post Silly, it looks like you’ve put the house to wonderful use. And thank you for your fabulous article, you and everyone at Avenue made the process a fun experience 🙂

    Oh and don’t worry, I haven’t any reports of anyone squatting on my sim so I think you went undetected lol.

    1. *laughs* Yes, I tended to be there when many weren’t and I behaved myself…mainly just hung out in your awesome houses while I worked on my articles or answered IMs. 🙂

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