My blog has been dominated by Silliness of late!  Well I am having a lot of fun on Silly and enjoying my AVENUE assignments.  For the October issue I have been assigned a new Gorean sim…Port Kar.  I am sure that was intentional, knowing the gal in charge of assignments knows my RP background.  So I look forward to exploring a sim that is part of my “home.” in SL.  But that is another post…


I have been raising, breeding, and selling them since they started.  I would call myself a rather middle of the road breeder.  I got caught up in some of the early buying frenzy and spent my share of Lindens on trying to get ahead, but not to the extent that some did.  I never went completely into the deep end, though I came close.  I don’t buy many Roos nowadays, just a few here and there when my own don’t produce the desired combinations over a period of time.  I still have a large amount of “live” Roos, and I gave up all my market space to utilize a space on my homestead sim for nest sales.  I breed what I like, and sell what I don’t want or need.  For me, Meeroos are a hobby, something I enjoy.  I recently made my own double long…from my own breeding and a lil help from a purchased Roo.  Next triple longs!

I am intrigued by the Nocturnals and am proud to say I only bought one starter set.  Unfortunately I got all girls, but that was no big deal.  I knew I would be forging ahead in hybrids, so they suited me just fine.  I have them set up with a fair amount of traited Bluestone off spring (non-Bluestones).  Once I see what they do, I will decide if those parings stay the same or not.  I anticipate going through a lot of my nests, as I have so many varying ones, giving my nocs a new date every 5 days unless they produce something FAB with their current partner.  I may have to sell off the young lives I would coax, but I am on the fence about that as lives weren’t selling very well for me in the end and I have long since stopped selling live roos.  I was glad to make one trade on my Nocs with a friend I have traded with before.  I traded away one of my girls for a boy so I would have at least one pure Noc pair.  On the whole I look forward to what they all will make.