Silly is Published!

The day has finally come…Silly Avro…the account I had created as a junk account (She very nearly was Whatever Avro…lol) is now a published writer!  This avi of mine has done much.  As I said she had been made because I thought I had missed some kind of freebie in the avatar creation process.  I made her on a whim just to see if I had messed things up when I set up my original avatar.  Silly was never really essential, but I rather enjoyed her when I wished to be “alone.”  I could come and go into SecondLife w/o clingy “friends” inquiring about my every move.  Silly was the avatar I used to explore the subcultures of SL.  I remember the day quite clearly when I was on my original account, bored with terraforming and decorating a home few came to visit.  I remembered a class I had in college…it was cultural anthropology…and I decided then as I stared at my boring SL that I would become a cultural anthropologist in SL.  The subcultures in SL are numerous, so I knew I could be busy a while with that.  I started with the Furry community, then ended up briefly on an Anime sim, then a Drow sim, then Gor… *smiles*  Gor is where I found my home, but it was not meant to be for Silly.  My new main continues to live in Gor, and for a time in the peak of the Meeroo Craze, Silly was brought from the avatar storage closet to be used as a bot.  In time she was no longer needed for that, but in just seeing her from time to time, spamming away, I realized I missed having that escape.  The ability to escape my ever growing friends list and explore SL outside of role play.  I have been very pleased to be a part of the Avenue team.  They have given me just what I craved…assignments that pull me from my rp and into the other corners of SL.  I have met some very nice people I would not otherwise know and seen things I had no idea existed.

And now I present my articles….Enjoy! 🙂

Interesting Sims: Neva River

Sports & Recreation:  Roller Derby – Be Your Own Hero!

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