Edgy is Silly

So I enjoy playing with Silly’s looks.  As I was wrapping up my writing on Designer Prims, I was enjoying my look and thought I would snap a few photos.

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Silly on Assignment: Designer Prims

My other assignment this month is writing about the wonderful urban contemporary builds of Elle Crescendo.  I have been spending A LOT of time at her store, living in her builds, getting a feel for the design, as well as asking her questions to help me spotlight her talent in the best possible way. She has been a pleasure to work with and here are some photos of her work.  Makes me wish I had room on the homestead I share to put up some of her work!  Would clash with the Gorean theme… 😉  Now a skybox on the other hand… 😉  Speaking of skyboxes…she has TWO super cute ones for ONLY 50L!!  I couldn’t believe it!

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Silly on Assignment: Mischief Managed

OMG….I  LOVE Harry Potter!  So when I was assigned the Mischief Managed sim for September’s issue I was all over it!  Naturally when they asked me if I wanted to join in the role play I say “YES!”  Here are some photos from their 1st big RP day…arriving at Hogwarts for the new school year and being sorted!  I am thrilled I arrived in time to be able to partake in this wonderful RP event.  I look forward to using the experience of it as well as future RP experiences there to write my article!  Here are some photos to enjoy from my day on this well made and well populated sim!

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Silly is Published!

The day has finally come…Silly Avro…the account I had created as a junk account (She very nearly was Whatever Avro…lol) is now a published writer!  This avi of mine has done much.  As I said she had been made because I thought I had missed some kind of freebie in the avatar creation process.  I made her on a whim just to see if I had messed things up when I set up my original avatar.  Silly was never really essential, but I rather enjoyed her when I wished to be “alone.”  I could come and go into SecondLife w/o clingy “friends” inquiring about my every move.  Silly was the avatar I used to explore the subcultures of SL.  I remember the day quite clearly when I was on my original account, bored with terraforming and decorating a home few came to visit.  I remembered a class I had in college…it was cultural anthropology…and I decided then as I stared at my boring SL that I would become a cultural anthropologist in SL.  The subcultures in SL are numerous, so I knew I could be busy a while with that.  I started with the Furry community, then ended up briefly on an Anime sim, then a Drow sim, then Gor… *smiles*  Gor is where I found my home, but it was not meant to be for Silly.  My new main continues to live in Gor, and for a time in the peak of the Meeroo Craze, Silly was brought from the avatar storage closet to be used as a bot.  In time she was no longer needed for that, but in just seeing her from time to time, spamming away, I realized I missed having that escape.  The ability to escape my ever growing friends list and explore SL outside of role play.  I have been very pleased to be a part of the Avenue team.  They have given me just what I craved…assignments that pull me from my rp and into the other corners of SL.  I have met some very nice people I would not otherwise know and seen things I had no idea existed.

And now I present my articles….Enjoy! 🙂

Interesting Sims: Neva River

Sports & Recreation:  Roller Derby – Be Your Own Hero!