Silly Lands a Job!

I had quite the pleasant surprise today.  In my email sat an offline from Xandrah Sciavo, the Chief Operating Officer of Avenue Magazine!  Nearly a month ago I put in only two applications for writing work in SL.  The first magazine replied fairly quickly but never told me of the interview they scheduled for me and I subsequently missed.  I only learned of the interview via an offline wondering where I was.  When I was able to get inworld and reply, they were nice about it but never got back to me on rescheduling and I left it alone, figuring it was just not meant to be.  I had not heard back from Avenue Magazine at all, and didn’t read into it.  I have had official SL job before and I know how things go…sometimes you hear back and sometimes you don’t.  I was a lil disappointed but it wasn’t going to ruin SL for me.  So low and behold I have this offline from Xandrah and I was like a kid getting that super important letter in the mail they had been dying to get. Fortunately I saw her offline within minutes of her leaving it so I was able to log in and have an impromptu interview.  The IM with Xandrah was amazing and I loved how easy it was to talk to her.  It wasn’t too long before I learned I landed the writing job and I was thrilled!

Things are moving so fast now it is exciting.  I already have two assignments and am mentally preparing to tackle them, making sure all my SL ducks are in a row for a smooth first attempt at writing for a real live SL magazine!  I had to get myself a new outfit, and change my mouthie to a pencil as I was a real live writer now!  My avi is named Silly for a reason…she represents everything quirky about me, and I am excited to bring that side of me to this new creative outlet!

Romper – [Amarelo Manga] – Dani Romper “MOD/ 007” [Mustard]
Hair – >TRUTH< Enisa – raven
Left Bracelet – MIEL CHUM bracelet
Right Bracelet – (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Bangle
Shoes – [Gos] Espadrilles in Sand
Pencil Mouthie – Nolan Falworth
Notepad – iKILLEDthePROMqueen

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