Always Silly

Things have changed since I last wrote about Silly.  She was my All-Things Meeroo Alt for a long time, until the Meeroo Market crashed.  I could not justify putting as much Linden into advertising and rental space anymore with the dramatic drop in sales.  I had converted Silly into a bot for a time, which did help me keep a nice current of Lindens flowing for a while, but unfortunately I was never one of the lucky few to make that one huge roo sale.

I retired Silly again and found I rather miss her.  She is as close as I can get to my original avi, and her inventory is well stocked, so I had to find a new use for her.

My SL is largely composed of Gorean roleplay and Meeroos.  It is quite easy for me to keep to myself and do my thing.  I do find myself curious from time to time about the rest of SL, the SL outside of Gor, the SL I used to live in .  Silly has always been the quirky side of me, so I dressed her for a safari and decided to make her my explorer.  How has SL changed in the 5 years I have been a part of it?  I have now spent more of my SL time in Gor than out of it and I can’t help but be curious about what all the other avatars are doing.

One of the things that has fascinated me about SL is how creative people can be.  SL is definitely a medium for art…and not in only the traditional sense, but in sim design as well as the many facets of fashion.

My goal with Silly is to explore, and to write about what I see.  It would be awesome to connect with a SecondLife magazine to go on assignment for…I figure that is my next project.

Location –
Skin – Al Vulo! Sonia Natural Cacoa
Shape – Al Vulo! Renzie
Hair – Truth Rayvn Espresso
Outfit – Severed Garden Tamu Fresh
Mouth/Nibble – Meeroo Nibble Sitting Dune by Moxie Polano

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