So Silly…

I love Meeroos.  I have been in SL many years and managed to avoid any sort of breedable, but I feel in love with this one.  My main avi is the one who actually owns the ‘roos, but once I became more engrossed in the buying and selling of them I pulled out one of my alts to use as my Roo Sales Lady.  So dust off Silly Avro, customize her to my present day likings, and load all 42 of her groups with ‘roo related groups!  I am learning the art of auctioneering in SL at The Borough and have worked as a caller at SuperRoos (before it closed).  I hope to work as an auctioneer at either The Borough or at Petable Prims once they have their auction house off the ground.  I had an SL job before…back in my early days of SL.  I was a hostess at a jazz club.  In time I tired of the shift schedule and having a job in SL so I quit.  I chose to start up again because I enjoy Meeroos so much and I am really enjoying meeting new people through Meeroos.

Silly in the ugly holiday sweater she wore for The Borough's holiday contest...SHE WON! 😀

Here goes…

I have been in SecondLife a long time…well not as long as some, but many I have met consider joining in 2007 and being a regular member of that virtual world a long time.  I have logged in daily without fail for the last several years.  I have made my fair share of avatars, enjoying the naming and personalization process.  I currently play two avatars…one that was created as a junk account when I was just learning SL and that I have re-purposed as my “All things Meeroo Alt.”  And the one I consider my new “main.”  She is actually the 5th avatar I created, but the one that stuck.  She became my main because of the people I met on her.  I no longer felt the need to continue to reinvent myself.  I had found the people I enjoy most in SL and have played my main for nearly 3 years now.  I miss my original avi sometimes, but she was connected to my real life job and I wanted anonymity in SL…the ability to explore what I will without judgement or comment from others.

So here I am in SL the avi known as Melanie Ryzyder and as Silly Avro to the Meeroo community.  I enjoy every moment of my time in SL because I do things enjoy with people I enjoy.  It is a welcome escape from real life.  Do I have things I am running from in RL?  A terrible life?  Not in the slightest.  I learned early to balance the time spent in SL and while it was lopsided in the beginning, it is well balanced now.  I know RL comes first, and for me it does.  We all have our hobbies, things we enjoy.  For me it is SL.  I have been in SL long enough to understand the odd looks I get when SL is mentioned in public, so I don’t mention it.  I don’t need to.  I don’t need anyone’s consent to enjoy what I enjoy.  One of my life’s mottos is “To Each Their Own.”  I apply that to others as well as myself.  No judgements.  Live your life and avoid doing harm to others.

This is the texture I sent to my friends in SL this holiday season.